Multigrain Biscotti

Y’all will never believe it, but I made a healthy dessert…and it serves more than two people.  Scandalous, I know!  I created this healthy biscotti recipe using quinoa flour, oat flour, whole wheat pastry flour, wheat germ and cornmeal for my lovely friend Natalie of Perry’s Plate.  Head on over to her gorgeous site for the recipe:  Perry’s Plate


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    I love biscotti and am so excited to have found this healthy recipe so I can eat it again! Yay! ;)
    So happy to have found your cute blog through Natalie’s. I share her philosophy on healthy eating and would love to see you over at my place too. ;)
    Happy Day!

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    Hey, Christina! Great job on the guest post — I enjoyed your travelouge, and your recipe looks and sounds fantastic. (Thanks for the tips on the flour, too!)
    P.S. No problem for exceeding the “Dessert For Two” size limit. :)

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    I’ve never heard of qunioa used in a dessert before, I love that! I like healthy desserts, they make me feel less guilty :)

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    Hooray for the occasional healthy dessert! I’m a big fan of multi-grain bread, so I don’t see why multi-grain biscotti would be any less appealing. And what a creative way to sneak in some quinoa- Seriously!

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    I’m loving this biscotti recipe. First off, I can never resist a crunchy, crumbly biscotti. But one made with not one but several whole grains has just got to be dynamite.


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