Some Big News (that I almost didn’t share)

I originally didn’t think this news was blog-worthy.  However, my Dad caught some great photos of me trying on wedding dresses and I thought y’all might like to see.  I’ll be back later this week with a new recipe.

So back to the news:  I’m getting married.  Now, now, don’t go all overboard on me.  We’re in our very late 20s, and we don’t need all the hoopla that goes along with getting married.  While this is the biggest decision I’ve ever made in life, it’s not the only great decision I’ve made in my life.  No one threw me a party nor did I register for gifts when I moved to California, finished graduate school, or landed my dream job.  For all of those occasions, I celebrated with my favorite bottle of champagne (sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and family), and quietly moved on.  Our marriage is a joyous private decision that we will celebrate every day for the rest of our lives.  Popping a bottle of champagne with close friends and family would be enough for me.  Don’t worry, we are planning a modest Texas wedding, but I’m not interested in having everyone’s attention.  Truth be told, I’m seriously concerned I’m going to faint when the Church doors open and I realize everyone is looking at me before I walk down the aisle.

Most people know they’re marrying the right person because their morals and values are aligned, they share the same intensity of faith, and they have similar life goals.  It’s important to make sure these big things are in place.  But, since the Mr. & I made sure we were aligned on all the big things before our first date (that’s a fun story for another day), the process of falling in love was exciting.  Along the way, these past 15 months, I picked up on some smaller things that made me realize he was the right man for me.

Isn’t my Grandma adorable?  This is the grandma who grew up on a tobacco farm.  I should say Hi to the North Carolina side of her family right here, too!

Four Slightly Unconventional Reasons I Know I’m Marrying The Right Man:

1.  In his family tree exists a man who had a part in inventing Cheez Whiz.  Oh, bless my Southern heart and soul, processed cheese makes my world go ‘round.

2.  He drives slowly and safely.  Much like a dog, I always want to go for a ride in the car with him.  If he’s driving 2 minutes down the road to hook up a trailer to a hitch, I’m in the front seat, rearin’ to go with my head hanging out the window.

Remember the days of your teens when the boys with fast cars got the girl?  I was never that girl.  Trying to kill me in your car by driving fast doesn’t impress me.  Also, my Dad doesn’t appreciate it either.  Don’t make him mad:  he’s got a gun and a shovel…you know the rest.

3.  He tolerates my weird, vegan raw-food worshipping whims.  He willingly sips neon green smoothies packed with vegetables, he doesn’t balk at tofu for dinner, and he reads food labels on everything before he buys it.  If something contains artificial ingredients, it’s not going in our grocery cart (see #1 for some exceptions).  I once dated a meat-and-potatoes carnivore boy.  I didn’t appreciate the 15 pounds I gained during the relationship by eating like him. I tried cooking two separate dinners, but I was exhausted.  I dumped him (and the weight) and was instantly happier.

4.  He is immune to morning breath.  That’s right, his body just doesn’t allow morning breath to happen.  He could eat his famous roasted garlic chicken pizza followed by a sardine sandwich, go to bed without brushing his teeth, and wake up free of morning breath.  That’s weird, right?

Sneak peek of my Mom’s big Texas hair.  Hi Mom, love you!  I use volumizing hair products everyday to try to have hair as thick and gorgeous as yours.

I did not end up purchasing any of the dresses seen here.  Since Mr. Dessert For Two is an avid reader of this site, I want him to be surprised when he sees me walk down the aisle.


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    second, you quite honestly have such a great outlook on marriage. it’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage/relationship and celebrating that on a daily basis is the most fun part of all. seriously, a huge heartfelt congratulations – i hope you’ll share some pictures of the wedding with us!

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    I’m so happy for you! I know you’ll look perfect and your day will be incredible! I had a very small wedding (40 guests) and it was exactly what I wanted. Those dresses are all beautiful, so I know the one will take everyone’s breath away! Xoxo

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    I just think you are so great and lovely and adorable and I could go on and on. I know you and your Mr. will have a wonderful Texas wedding and I wish you the best. So glad you decided to share. You will be the loveliest of brides!

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    I want to jump up and squeal for you :) I know what you mean about all the attention, though. I was kind of a nervous wreck my whole wedding day because I really don’t like to be the center of attention. I can’t wait to hear (and see) how it all goes down. Congrats!! I’m so glad you found your perfect guy :)

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    Tina, you look stunning, and most importantly, happy. And I’m so happy for you. Hooray for Texas weddings and perfect-for-you misters. I just spent the best weekend with mine. Nearly 10 years together, we’re still the perfect match, and I know it’s the same for you two. Love ya x

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    It sounds like you’ve landed quite a catch :) Good luck with any and all wedding plans. And even though you didn’t purchase any of those dresses, you still look beautiful in all of them!

    Oh, and yes, your grandmother is /very/ adorable :3

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    Gorgeous dress and funny you say you’re getting married. In my mind, I already think of the two of you as married. In my mind there are the “single girl, no kid bloggers” and then the others who are married or married with kids. In my mind, I always think of you as married already :) You two seem so stable and happy! You look fabulous!

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    HOW FUN!!!!! I was kinda the same way. I didn’t like dress shopping, and I bought the fourth dress I tried on!! ha. You look stunning, I really liked the one with the lace cutout in back. Can’t wait to see what you picked! :))) Congratulations!!

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    Congrats girl! You look so gorgeous in these dresses! I can’t wait to which one you picked! Thanks for sharing such wonderful news with us!

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    Congratulations! It’s so amazing to find your soulmate and I’m so happy for you. You look stunning in all those dresses, even if you didn;t go for any of them in the end!

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    I have exactly the same attitude towards a wedding as you do (even if we’re not going to get hitched any time soon!) You look beautiful though and it sounds like you’re going to have exactly the kind of day that’s right for you xxx

  12. Gigi says

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The dresses are amazing! You have a keeper! I hope you will be blessed with a long and happy marriage!

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    What a wonderful news! You are so pretty, you look beautiful in all the dresses! Congratulations and my best wishes. Lots of hugs :)

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    What a lovely story and photos! It sounds like the two of you are perfect for each other. All of your unconventional reasons made me smile :)

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    Congratulations! Hubster and I are celebrating 7 years of marriage (today, actually!) :) We also see a lot of wedding being that we’re wedding photographers. The best piece of advice I can offer (because you totally want my random advice) is to make the wedding your own. Don’t worry about tradition and don’t worry about what everyone else says. Do it your way and you’ll be happy. It sounds like you’re already on that track, so really this is just a little encouragement to keep going! :)

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    Congratulations to you both! You are very beautiful and will be a stunning bride. Sincere best wishes to you and your soon-to-be husband.

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    Woohoo!!!! Congratulations!!! And all those dresses were beautiful on you so I’m sure whatever dress you pick/picked will be absolutely out of this world, drop dead gorgeous! xo

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    what a lovely post + such beautiful pics. before i got married, i was also not interested in having people stare at me in a wedding dress while i was the center of attention. i found that possibility sort of terrifying. in the end, i was shocked at how intimate + personal the moment was. while there were a bunch of people watching, all i could look at was my husband-to-be. it was actually a really private moment in its own way. plus, we had a surprise wedding, so no one saw it coming. =) congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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    Oh my, you are too cute! Dress shopping was the first thing I did for my wedding last year. It is so much fun and full of butterflies, tears, and a little bit of stress. Enjoy every bit of it! Your Mr. sounds like a great guy. I wish my Mr. was immune to morning breath. Congrats to you both!

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    Congratulations, gorgeous! Marriage is definitely a big decision and it seems like you two love birds have taken the time to make a wise choice. Awesome dresses! The one with the peach colored sash (is that what you call it? I’m not well versed in clothing ;) is my favorite.

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    I can’t tell you how happy I am that you shared this….you’re a lovely bride and if these dresses aren’t “IT” then the one you DID pick is going to be stunning! The five reasons you gave…..perfect! He’s a keeper!

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    Good on ya for doing this wedding thing the way that y’all want to do it (and for finding such a wonderful guy, too!) and stay strong about what will make y’all happy.

    My daughter & her husband had a relaxed, fun, casual Texas wedding that reflected them so well:

    And remember to have more candid photos taken at the wedding/reception of folks in twos and threes = you will capture wonderful memories.

    **Katy M
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    So beautiful! You’re going to make a stunning bride, don’t you worry about everyone paying attention to you. You deserve it! ;-)

    Ummmmmm, love your reasons for marrying the Mr. It really is those little things that ultimately seal the deal. My best friend is getting married in June to her boyfriend of almost 8 years – they’ve been together since we were 15. I know that as much as they align on all of the big issues, it is those little things that have surfaced through the years that truly let her know that he was The One!

    (also, I’m impressed you took both of yoru parents dress shopping with you! I love my daddy, but would neeeeeeeeeever want him anywhere near me shopping for wedding dresses!)

  24. Brynn_ND says

    Congratulations!! Best wishes to you and Mr. Dessert for Two. (I have seen the sales consultant in the first photo on TV.)

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    Hi Christina,

    Congratulations! This is a very important moment! I guess you are really anxious and dreaming about this special day!

    I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award! Just because I love the idea of dessert for two and not for a lot of people :). Thanks for sharing your recipes!

    PS:Your gradma is really cute!

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    1. You look absolutely stunning in every one of those dresses and I love them all, even though they aren’t “the one”. You should just model wedding dresses. 2. You are a gal after my own heart. I was terrified of having people stare at me, so we had a small family-only ceremony and a big party the next day. Have fun with all of this!!!! :)

  27. Marie in Va says

    Loved your post!
    You looked great in all the dresses–whatever you picked will be fabulous! Enjoy your special day.

  28. says

    Oh Christina – if I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting you first hand to verify what a smart, stable and uniquely intelligent person you are, the first two paragraphs of this would shave given me a great hint. Mr Dessert For Two is a very lucky man (Although I also have a feeling that, since you chose him, he is probably one heck of a man too….).

  29. Kitty says

    What I think is amazing is that you consider yourself old enough in your late 20’s that you don’t need all the hoopla. We’re in our 60’s — and trying our best NOT to have hoopla either.

    But – congratulations – and your dad has a wonderful gift for taking pictures – don’t you just love the huge clips coming ouf of the back of the delicate dresses?

  30. gail says

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you & Mr. Dessert a long & Joyous LIFE TOGETHER !!You look very beautiful – May God bless you both on your special day !! Your Grandmother is a beautiful lady !!

  31. RKR says

    You look SO much like your SWEET grandmother!! Bless her heart! I know exactly how you’re going to look at her age… only taller….
    Happy Day!
    (absolutely LV your recipes for 2 – very few leftovers to tempt us; even calling from the freezer!)

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    Christina, I loved your post so much, I read it out loud to my hubby! He grinned, I smiled, and you are ON YOUR WAY to a wonderful marriage. (Not that you need our approval!) You’re right — with the big things already lined up, it’s the little things that make this go-round interesting. :) Soooo excited for you!

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    Oh I am SO happy for you!! he sounds perfect and honey if he makes you happy we are all happy fo ryou! You look stunning in the dresses and your grandma is the cutest!! so blog worthy!! thank you for sharing this great moment with us!

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    I am so very happy for you!! There’s nothing like a Texas wedding ;) but maybe i’m a bit biased!! I hope you two get to celebrate in whichever way makes you happiest! Congrats!!

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    That is really exciting! Congrats! I know what you mean, I hate being the center of attention. But when you are walking down the isle, I promise, you will just see him. Stare at him and you wont even care about anyone else! Thats who you are going to anyway. He is the important one :)

  36. Nilda Incatasciato says

    First, let me let you know that I hardly ever comment on the blogs I read. I had to make an exception for you! Congratulations! Your dress is gorgeous, and your man sounds like mine! I’ve been married for 29 years and I wish you all the happiness in the world! Please post pics of your wedding!

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