Mini New York Cheesecakes

On my most stressful days, I need a bite of cold creamy cheesecake.  But, I never have the time to make a whole cheesecake on days like that.  Enter mini cheesecakes!  One bowl, 15 minutes plus chill time and you’re in heaven.  This recipe makes 4 cupcake-sized cheesecakes. It gets better:  instead of grinding up graham crackers, melting butter and daintily pressing the crust into each muffin cup—just drop in a Nilla wafer.  Or, a couple of Ritz crackers or mini cookies.  Anything, really!

I call these ‘New York’ cheesecakes because they have a brown sugar-sour cream sauce on top. These little babies come out of the oven puffy and domed.  As they cool, they sink ever so slightly in the middle to create the perfect spot for your topping of choice.  Mine happens to be tangy sour cream sauce.  Since Greek yogurt is taking over the world (should it run for President?), I’ll tell you that full-fat plain Greek yogurt can be substituted for sour cream.

If you’re in the mood for something fruity, spoon on a dollop of cherry pie preserves, jam, or sauteed apples.  If you’d like a little extra stress-relief with your cheesecakes (also called chocolate), squirt it in the divet.  You just can’t go wrong with these.


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Mini New York Cheesecakes
Makes 4 mini cheesecakes in muffin cups
  • 6 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 large egg
  • ¼ cup + 2 tablespoons sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ teaspoon lemon juice
  • 4 Nilla wafers (or other small cookies)
For the sauce:
  • ¼ cup sour cream
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  1. Preheat the oven to 375, and line 4 cups in a muffin pan with paper liners.
  2. Drop a cookie in each liner, with the flat side down.
  3. In a small bowl, beat together the cream cheese, egg, sugar, vanilla and lemon juice. Beat very well until combined.
  4. Divide the mixture between the cups and bake for 15 minutes.
  5. Let cakes cool, then refrigerate at least 4 hours. When ready to serve, stir together the sour cream and brown sugar and pour on top of each cake.



  1. says

    Cheesecake is one of those things that I never really make, mainly because it takes so long to make a whole cheesecake and I never trust myself with an entire cheesecake in the house and only two people to eat it! But these are the perfect solution.

  2. says

    I love these cuties! This is probably heretical in some way since I’m a NY-er but I can only take NY cheesecake in small doses anyway…it’s too rich. But these cupcakes are the ideal serving size!

  3. EmilyM says

    Just made these today! I used a vanilla bean pod instead of the vanilla extract. (I also didn’t have cookies, but had graham crackers…so I did a crust that way.) Absolutely delicious. Awesome recipe for a few treats – thanks so much!! :o)

  4. SarahSmile says

    OMG! These came out absolutely perfect! I came straight to you when I realized at work that I was craving cheesecake…and since I live alone, I didn’t want to make a whole cheesecake. Thank you for creating this! I was weary of the sour cream topping, but it was DELICIOUS!! Great job!!

  5. Dena says

    I made these this weekend and they are divine. Mine sunk in the middle when the cooled, but that was the perfect spot for the topping. Very yummy, thanks! I used chocolate teddy grahams in the bottom :)

  6. Heather says

    These are absolutely delicious! I made them tonigh and seriously considering not sharing with the hubby lol

  7. Kim says

    These are amazing! I’m dating a guy who loves cheesecake so I made these for his birthday. He said they were so good he had to just sit down and savor them. Instead of the sour cream/brown sugar topping, I put dark chocolate chips on top while they were still warm.

  8. Deeann says

    I had graham crackers so I crushed up 3, added 1T sugar and 1T melted butter and pressed it into the bottom of 4 little ramekins. I didn’t have sour cream so didn’t do the topping, but that was ok – they were gone within 30 minutes of removal from the oven. YUM!

  9. Myrthe says

    First time on you’re blog and love it.
    Need to make a lot of you’re recipes. I just was looking small recipes, they are always to big for to many people.
    And this is perfect for two :P
    You’re know on my favourite list.
    Now fast to the grocery for some ingredients ❤️

  10. Courtney says

    These look divine! Did you put lemon zest on top in the photos? If I didn’t make the sour cream/brown sugar topping, do you think it would still be okay to put zest on?

    • says

      Hi Courtney! The stuff on top in the photos is actually crushed crumbs from the crust. I didn’t use lemon zest on top. But I think it would be delicious! Happy baking :) Christina

  11. Zara says

    As someone who doesn’t like making large batches of desserts either, your website is a godsend. These were the most darling little cheesecakes I’ve ever baked, and so easy too! Everything was proportioned just right. Definitely will be making these again. Thanks for the recipe, Christina!


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