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Would you like a tour of my kitchen?  I’m so sorry I didn’t ask sooner!

This is the Dessert For Two kitchen.  It’s also the granola-making-every-Sunday kitchen.  It’s the pack-lunch-everyday kitchen.  And it’s the make-dinner-from-scratch every night kitchen.  I spend more time in here than any other room in the house.

When we first moved in, in May, my Mom told me I should hire someone to clean because there’s no way I could work full time, plan a wedding, blog and clean a house.  I haven’t succumbed yet, but I’m definitely watching a lot less TV in order to keep this place clean.

First up: my favorite part, the over-sized granite island.  I’m not going  to lie:  this is the reason I wanted to buy this house.  Brian (yes, Mr. Dessert For Two has a name!) had about 7 houses for me to look at when I first flew into Kansas to interview for my job.  He saved this one for last because he knew it was the best one.  When I saw this huge granite slab, it made me think of rolling out pie crust on a cold marble surface.  After 4 months, it has already seen its fair share of pie crust!

Next, the cook top.  I wasn’t crazy about this glass cooktop, because in my old house in California, I cooked with gas.  It was delightful because food cooked so quickly!  I’m slowly getting used to this surface.  It’s difficult to clean, though, and it’s 99% of the reason I consider hiring someone to clean my house.  I scrub and scrub, but it’s never as clean as it was when I first moved in.

On the other side of the island is the adult beverage station.  Brian and I knew we wanted to have the type of house where people could drop in unannounced and pour themselves a drink.  Our station is also a fun reminder of our life in Cali because we have wine and champagne glasses from all of our favorite wineries.  We also stock our whiskey, scotch and beer glasses here. We love our whiskey, both corn and rye.  I couldn’t live without my Sodastream for drink mix-ins.

The adult beverage station flanks the right side of the fridge.  On the left side is our coffee and tea station.  The coffee maker was a house warming gift from my parents and we absolutely love it.  It’s a French press machine that does the work of heating the water for you.  It’s a French press/drip hybrid.  I only drink coffee on Fridays, and I thoroughly enjoy it.  You can buy it here.  The basket contains all of my favorite teas.  I love pretty much every flavor Starbucks Tazo has to offer (Zen is my everyday favorite), but I also love this tea by Good Earth and mojito tea by Stash is great, too.

This is my child.  Oh, you didn’t know I had a baby?  I bought this baby when I found out the good news that I got the job in Kansas.  I’m a big believer in buying yourself something nice every now and then to celebrate.   I always buy myself a birthday gift every year, too, if you must know.

This is where I do the majority of my chopping and meal prep, to the left of the stove.  I previously prepped on the island, but I’ve found that the more space I have, the bigger the mess I make.  If I contain it to this corner, I have less to clean.  The plate is Chirp china by Lenox, which is the only style of china I’ve ever liked.  Chirp is the reason I got into dishes; I used to not care about such things.  Then, I grew up and became my mother.  It happens.

This is my lovely deeeeeeep sink.  I can hide all sorts of dirty dishes here right before company comes over.  It’s handy.  Yes, I made that roman shade myself from a link on Pinterest. However, the project was nothing short of a nightmare, so I will not link to it.  Do yourself a favor:  use real roman shades, not mini blinds glued to fabric.

On the other opposite side of the island is our eating area.  I love this area because it bathes in morning light.  Our Kansas friends think our wine fridge in the corner is crazy.  To us, it’s essential.

Thanks for visiting!  We’re still working on other parts of the house, and maybe I’ll show you sometime when it’s all done!


  1. says

    Totally jealous! Gorgeous kitchen dear, love all the light and counterspace! Our kitchen is a tiiiiny hallway, which is also the ENTRANCE to the house…which means…it NEEDS to be clean at all times. No way to hide that from guests! Ha!

  2. says

    I always thoroughly enjoy when bloggers show off their beautiful kitchens! That island is every everyday cook/baker’s dream. I loved the adult station- wonderful idea! My kitchen is tiny, but it’s fun too cook vicariously through others kitchens….if that made sense.

  3. Julie says

    I love your kitchen. I love that you buy yourself birthday presents (must be that southern girl thing, because my southern mama has always done that). What are you using on your stove top? I use Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and a dry paper towel, and it cleans up pretty darn good. I do miss gas cooking, though. NEVER make your own shades. I made that mistake when I was about 25 in my first little apartment. Spend the money and order them. Lesson learned. Good luck on your wedding planner. Thankfully, as you get older, that cleaning thing goes away. Oh. Maybe that’s just me. :)

  4. Jean says

    Great kitchen. You get a lot accomplished there. BTW, didn’t you do a version of Texas sheet cake? Couldn’t find it the other day.

  5. Amanda says

    I’d kill to have a smooth cooktop! My least favorite surface to clean in the kitchen is my stove – all the electric coils and little metal catch trays etc. – its such a project. Maybe I’m too OCD when I clean though.

    A kitchen is my top priority every time I move; I actually purchased a granite-topped island for my current apartment just so that I’d have a granite surface for pie crusts. Now I also use it to temper chocolate and all the other delightful things granite excels at. I tried to move to a condo but condos are designed by men and men apparently don’t understand the value kitchens and closet space!

  6. says

    Smiling over “prep confinement.” It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a smaller area than you think you need. :) I also think it was sweet of Brian to show you this house last — he obviously knows you well! Congrats to both of you on your beautiful home!

  7. says

    What a great kitchen! I would kill for a giant, marble island as well. Awesome. Looks very bright, which is what the space that you spend most of your day in should be!

  8. Lauren says

    I love your kitchen! Love too that you buy yourself a birthday gift every year! Every cook NEEDS a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Mine may be older than you but it looks not a day over 1, yes, I love it that much. Thank you SO much for the tour, people are so curious about these things!

  9. says

    It’s so important to love the kitchen that you cook in. Your kitchen is beautiful – spacious with a lot of counter space and tons of sunlight – I could easily spend the most amount of time in this room too! Happy to see where the magic happens!

  10. says

    Who wouldn’t love to spend time cooking and baking in this kitchen! Love your island and your deep sink. Always loved a kitchen sink that was placed right under a window.

  11. says

    Love your kitchen! The island would be my favorite part too :) And THANK YOU for your remarks on the pinterest roman shade project. I’ve come across it a few times and been tempted to try it (it looks so easy!), but as someone who is not at all crafty I had a feeling it would be a nightmare.

  12. says

    Gorgeous kitchen! And I have to say that I just hired a cleaner too. I couldn’t do it anymore and it was worth every little penny! I still don’t have time to watch TV though!

  13. Vicki says

    Christina, your kitchen is beautiful, what a fun place to make all of your special desserts. Hopefully after fall harvest I can meet you in Manhattan sometime. I’m glad you are settling back into the midwest. Have you had a drive over to Clay Center yet?

  14. says

    And finally I feel I have a little time to read blogs – how you managed to keep blogging through your move is beyond me love. And what a wonderful post to come into .. Im so nosy this was just made for me!!

    Three things:

    1) Im inviting myself over for an adult beverage immediately! Louis is SO into whiskey at the moment, although currently all he know is Jack Daniels. You can do a whiskey post soon if you like!

    2) If you can afford it at all a cleaner is probably the most amazing thing EVER. We had one when Louis and I both worked long hours and – with Louis being a little on the non-clean side of clean – it pretty much saved our relationship and is the reason we got married. It frees up your Saturdays and is worth every penny of fewer meals (or drinks!) out, in my opinion. Spoil yourself! You have lots on!

    3) I love the sink and I love your style of writing and it sounds like you and Mr dessert for two have the sweetest routine ever down pat. What a way to look forward to Fridays!


  15. says

    I love your kitchen–and your island! I think about installing one on my kitchen all the time. :) And I’ve also been thinking about hiring someone to clean–I can’t bring myself to do it just yet, but if I get any busier, I may have to!

  16. says

    Thanks you for sharing. I love your space and I can imagine you whipping a batch of pie crust. I also have a cake stand next to my oven that holds my salt bin, pepper mill and garlic. love it~

  17. says

    So many things to say.

    1.) I used to think I’d never like dishes either. And then I, too, became my mother (and grandmother). Clearly it runs in my blood.

    2.) You couldn’t have had twins and sent one to me? ;-)

    3.) My momma has a glass cooktop. She can’t really keep hers as clean and shiny as it was new, either. Also, it’s a nightmare when things boil over! I feel your pain.

    4.) Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Love you.

  18. jpdf says

    What a lovely kitchen and home! <3 Wonderful writing as well! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Dessert for Two! :) Here are flowers –,-<@ –,-<@ –,-<@ for you! :)

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