I owe you a wedding update.

I apologize for being scarce with details.  I thought y’all didn’t care (and maybe you don’t!), and I really wanted to keep the focus on desserts because the core of me is made of sugar and that’s all there is.

The virtual wedding shower that sweet Joanne, Shelly, Kristan, Megan, Lauren, Julie, Tara, Madison, Jenna, and Krissy threw me was SO touching.

The truth is, I’m not very bride-y.  I accredit this to two things:
1.  I can’t freaking believe I met a man as wonderful as Brian, and I’m so excited to marry him that I don’t care about wedding details.
2.  I’m 28 years old.  I’m far from your young bride who often has little else in her life in terms of excitement.  And I’ll add a #3 while I’m at it:
3.  I hate attention.  I’m shy in large crowds of people. I explained some of my feelings  about this already here.

So, that being said, I haven’t been stressing about wedding details.  For one, I hired a wedding planner.  I can’t recommend this enough.  We live in Kansas, and the wedding is in McKinney, Texas.  Once a month, Brian and I go down to meet with the wedding planner all day Saturday and Sunday.  Not only is she a Saint for clearing her weekends for us, but also, I trust her 100%.  She’s articulate, she’s a perfectionist, and I know she’ll pull off a shindig that would be way better than what I would come up with on my own.

When: The date is February 23.

Here’s the front and back of our Save the Dates. The ones that were mailed out had cute rounded corners. This is just a .pdf.



All photos and design by Wrenn Bird Photography

Colors:  I finally decided on poppy orange and turquoise as my colors.  I resisted it for quite a while because it’s so popular right now, but you know what?  My kitchen is turquoise and I love it.  And orange is beautiful in my eyes.  Since we have quite an extensive agriculture background, we’re working in lots of wheat and cotton into the arrangements (see the wheat on the Save The Dates?). Succulents make me sing.
My florist (Dr. Delphinium in Dallas) is copying this bouquet from Pinterest for me:


Bouquet: http://pinterest.com/pin/86201780339192521/
Succulent pots: http://pinterest.com/pin/86201780338866742/

Place settings:  Here’s the look we’re going for (minus the flower on the burlap bag).  The center piece on each round table will include white vintage hobnail vases.  I’ll share a photo after the wedding of how it turns out.


Food:  The food is what we care about the most.  The caterers (a father and daughter team) make EVERYTHING from scratch—no pre-made frozen crap.  The daughter has won state fair competitions for her barbecue sauce and her homemade yeast rolls.  When I found that out, I pretty much said “where do I sign?”

So, since we’re getting married during Lent, the rehearsal dinner on Friday must be fish.

Rehearsal Dinner menu:  crab cakes over salad, fried fish, macaroni and cheese, green beans with new potatoes, and fried okra (my personal favorite).  Dessert is peach cobbler and lemon bars.

Another selling factor of this caterer is that they compete in those barbecue competitions across the South.  When Brian heard that, he practically said “where do I sign?”

Wedding reception menu:  Texas barbecue brisket for me, pulled pork sliders on yeast rolls for Brian, green beans with bacon, cole slaw, baked beans, loaded baked potato salad, deviled eggs, and corn bread.  There are also appetizers for the whiskey tasting, which I’ll get to in a bit.

Wedding cake is part carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (Brian’s favorite) and part vanilla cake with caramel frosting.  We ordered our cake from a cute new bakery.  I’m excited to support her new business.  Plus, it was only $300!

Where:  Our ceremony is at a Church, and our reception is at an old flour mill in downtown McKinney.  If you’re from north Texas and haven’t been back in years, McKinney is happenin’!  The downtown square is full of unique restaurants, art walks, fun shopping (hello, Kendi’s store!), and even a wine bar.  I can’t wait for our guests to hang out in the square.

Who:  I only have one attendant:  Brian’s sister.  She’s wearing a long orange dress.  Brian only has a best-man.

Brian has been helping LOTS with the wedding. Brian decided that our guests would have a whiskey tasting hour while we take photos after the ceremony.  He and my dad picked out 6 different types of whiskey (including white moonshine, DUH!) and guests will sip whiskey while the pourers teach a mini-class and lead a discussion on whiskey.  They will also have appetizers during this time.  And I really want to mention that tiny succulent plants will be potted on each whiskey table (just like the ones in the photo above).  I love this detail.

The appetizers that will be passed during the whiskey tasting are: pimento cheese on homemade crackers, puff pastry bites with brie and cranberry sauce, and southwest chicken tartlets.

Photo: Wrenn Bird Photography

Photo: Wrenn Bird Photography

The other really exciting thing Brian is responsible for is the ice cream bar.  Instead of a groom’s cake, Brian wanted an ice cream bar.  The man is an ice cream fiend.  There’s a local ice cream shop in my hometown that makes the best flavors.  Each guest will choose between chocolate and vanilla and then decide between multitudes of toppings.

Wearing:  A white wedding dress with white cowboy boots.  Duh.  I’m a Texan.


We mailed out 75 invitations, but are only expecting around 50 guests total.  Any place we would have chosen to get married (either Texas, California or Georgia) would have required travel for everyone, so I’m very lucky that Brian agreed to settle on my hometown.

Oh, rings!  I have my grandmother’s wedding band.  My grandpa bought it when he was briefly stationed in Kansas in the Army.  (What a coincidence that they were married in Kansas, and then 60+ years later, I would be starting my own marriage in Kansas).  I had her ring polished and I had to add a bit more gold on the places where it was thinning out from 63 years of use.  Brian has a gold band with a milgrain edge.

Photo: Wrenn Bird Photography

Photo: Wrenn Bird Photography

Challenges:  The most challenging thing about our wedding prep has been the Church preparation.  We’re doing our pre-marriage counseling and prep at our home Church in Kansas and transferring the paperwork to Texas.  Somehow, the lines of communication were crossed, and we ended up with double the amount of prep work.  We completed a compatibility test and attended at least 6 sessions of counseling regarding any issues we didn’t score 100% compatible.  Then, we also had to complete an online class made up of 9 sessions that require 2-3 hours each.  I’m grateful that the Church is the center of our marriage prep, because really, folks, that’s what it’s all about.  It’s not about coordinating colors, napkin folding, or detailed décor.  It’s about combining two lives in the way God intended.   In a world with a 50% divorce rate, we’ll take all the preparation and counseling we can get!

What am I doing personally to prepare for the wedding?  Well, I started getting facials every month.  I’ve been drinking lots of water and hot green tea, eating lots of avocados, red grapefruits, walnuts, flax, carrots and mangos.  I have to confess I’ve also been hitting the tanning beds.  I don’t want my skin to match my dress, but I’m also scared of skin cancer so I wear sunscreen in the tanning bed.  That might make tanning moot.

Honeymoon:  Oh, the honeymoon!!  We have a great honeymoon plan.  I hate flying, so I always envisioned a road trip.  Brian had the idea to road trip across the South and visit all of our favorite cities.  I’m on board!  Here’s the map:


I’ve never been to New Orleans and have always wanted to go. I’ve always wanted to take Brian to Birmingham, Alabama because I love it.  Plus, we get to stop through Tuscaloosa, home of his favorite barbecue joint:  Dreamland.  We’ll pass through Atlanta on our way to Savannah and probably stop to eat at Mary Mac’s Tea Room again and see Brian’s family.  Then, on to Savannah for relaxation and Paula Deen food.  Amen.  We’ll fly home from there.

Thanks everyone for your sweet wishes, and thanks again to my wonderful blog friends who made me feel so special.


  1. says

    AH thank your for sharing. I was just married this year, and still love to oogle over pretty much anything wedding related. I love how laid back you are and how many personal touches you are adding.
    PS. Poppy + Turq is my favorite color combo! It is all over my kitchen (and poppy was one of my colors too, though in a more “you need to wear sunglasses to look at this” shade, lol

  2. angelitacarmelita says

    Yes, we want to know everything about your wedding! I love the colors and the details you’ve chosen, how beautiful and unique. Keep us, your loving, loyal fans/friends posted. We can’t wait to see the post-wedding photos too. Enjoy every moment of your special day, it will seem like it’s over before it begun.

  3. says

    I was the same way when I got married. I really didn’t care too much about all the deatils. I wanted the food to be fantastic and that was about it. I love your colors and bouquet. I am so happy I was not on Pinterest when I got married, I feel like the influx of ideas would have driven me crazy. I can not wait to follow along your honeymoon via Instagram!

  4. says

    I need a wedding do-over. With your wedding planner, menu, and boots. I did not wear boots, because James’s family would have been *horrified*. I did however, wear bright crimson heels that you could see poking out under my dress, and they were still horrified. Brilliant idea on the whiskey tasting. We distracted our guests with a chocolate fountain, but whiskey tasting is MUCH more fun!

    • says

      Hah! I love the red shoes. My girlfriend wore electric blue sparkly shoes to her wedding. It was her something blue, so no one could say anything! A chocolate fountain sounds divine! xo

  5. says

    You are simply the most adorable person I know! Ok, so I don’t know-know you, but you know what I mean. I loved this wedding update. It will be beautiful! Good luck with all the planning. You deserve the most extraordinary wedding day!

  6. says

    Loved this update! Everybody loves wedding stuff, so glad you posted all this :) It sounds like it’s going to be an absolutely wonderful day :)
    And Dreamland….omg. Alabama was one of my clients for 4 years and the one thing that made me ridiculously sad when I moved on to a new position was giving up that BBQ. They were one of my hardest clients from the data to the people and yet it was all worth it for a lunch at Dreamland! haha

  7. says

    I’m the same way about crowds and shyness – it’s so much easier to be outgoing when you can’t see me awkwardly squirming ;)

    And yeah, if we had ended up moving to Dallas instead of Little Rock I’d totally crash you’re wedding. Just sayin’!

  8. says

    YAY! What fun. I 100% agree that the details are not the most important part of the day. We always tell our couples “You only need a few things to go right. You both have to show up and you need someone to marry you. That’s it.” :) Of course, whiskey tastings make the day much more fun ;)

  9. says

    Yeeeeeah! I was wondering when we were going to get an update! You two are an adorable couple! Your save the date cards are beautiful and it’s obvious how much you love each other. I bet your wedding is going to be very memorable and beautiful. And the food sounds amazing!

  10. says

    Your laid back approach is admirable! So many brides get caught up in the wedding aspect vs. the life-long marriage! Clearly you are an exception :). Everything looks and sounds perfect. From the food to the guest list, it sounds like it will be a fabulous day. Also LOVE the honeymoon idea! Those southern cities are all so fun, beautiful and historic (and have tons of good food!). My family and I just went to New Orleans for the first time and it was a blast (check out my recaps on my blog!). Congratulations and enjoy your big day!

  11. says

    I just adore the pictures of you two. You’re so sweet together!

    And, would it be weird if I crashed your reception? Whiskey tasting and brisket sound kinda fab.

  12. says

    It sounds perfect! And what a great size. I’m with you on the large crowds. I always joke with my guy about having 8 people at our wedding. I’m only half joking though. :)

    Gorgeous save the date photos!

  13. says

    So just when I thought the two of you could not get any cuter… omg! Your wedding sounds just SO you and so perfect. I only wish I could sneak in and crash your party to see how beautiful you are going to be!! Oh, and for some of that amazing sounding food.

    PS I’ve heard spray tans are really good and no cancer issues there:-) I actually was going to do that for my wedding and opted out… but I had a little bit of color already at the time.

  14. Janet says

    Best wishes to you! Please stay out of the tanning bed. Try a spray tan instead. What would we do if you got skin cancer and couldn’t update us with yummy dessert recipes?

  15. says

    Congrats! I am with you on not liking to be the center of attention. It was one of my big fears for our wedding and all of the parties that come beforehand. I was so thrilled with what all of our friends did for us and I wanted my gratitude for what everyone else did to be the center of attention, not ME! My advice, soak it in, breathe, its really a wonderful experience. I also feel you on the planning a wedding far away. We live in Northern CA and got married 20 miles down a dirt road in Montana (where basically non of our family or guests live). It took a lot of work but it was worth it. It’s a very fun and exciting process, just remember to enjoy it all. P.S. am I crazy or didn’t you used to live in Northern CA too?

  16. says

    Hi Christina! I don’t know how in the world we aren’t blog friends yet since it seems so many of my besties threw you your wedding shower and I’m a fellow dessert-obsessed blogger.

    I just got married last August and I hear you on all accounts. Everything you’ve planned sounds so beautiful and personal. I can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

    So nice to finally “meet” you!

  17. says

    Love your wedding update Christina! Those colors are gorgeous :) Turq was one of my colors too. And I really WISH we would have hired a planner. So stressful the other way. I like the way you are thinking with not stressing about it :) You definitely have it right with the way marriages are suppose to be, In God’s eyes. :) And we didnt fly to our Honeymoon either! We went to a small town in Cali. It was so perfect. You sound like you have it all together Christina! Your wedding (and marriage) is going to be so beautiful! Congrats big time! Just over a month to go! Woohoo!!!

  18. Nette says

    Aww — it sounds so wonderful. One niece just recently wed and we have a nephew marrying in May. The niece had the ice cream bar you described, and it was such a fun idea. Not to mention, that was a huge topic of conversation among the guests.

    The nephew and his bride will be having a country-type wedding, also. I know she mentioned blue cowboy boots for the bridesmaids and cowboy boots and hats for the guys. The nephew will hate he didn’t get a whiskey tasting hour though – LOL! That’s such a fabulous idea

    Your honeymoon trip will come directly through my backyard, just about. We’re smack in between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. And speaking of Dreamland, I’m calling hubby right now and see if he wants some ribs for supper!! LOL

    We wish y’all all the best and can’t wait to see the “after” pictures! The engagement photos used for the save-the-dates are gorgeous!!!

  19. says

    It really sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing! The food sounds insane good! I did succulents at my wedding as well! I love, love, loved them.

    New Orleans is great! I went there last year. I wrote a post about it on my blog, if you are looking for ideas of what to do there.

    I’m so happy for you! And you are so lucky to have a great wedding planner! It sounds like it will be beautiful, thoughtful, and fun! Soak in every minute of it!

    P.S. out here in L.A. I was a young bride at 28!!

  20. says

    It all sounds simply lovely and romantic. Love the wedding bands. Best wishes to you both. So nice of you to share the details. Always lovely to read about two people in love.

  21. says

    I love the simplicity and the attention to detai that you’re bringing together…plus the food sounds fantastic.

    But I mostly love the preparation to being married, the effort that says you know it’s work and it takes two people to make it happen. The divorce rate is awful…here’s hoping you and Brian are a great example for the next 62 years!

  22. says

    Yay! I’m so excited for you! Several things: I had just turned 30 when I got married (being a bit older is a good thing), so by then, all I wanted was a small wedding. I also only had my best friend for my attendant. I will say that if Stephie were to choose barbecue for the dinner, I would have to go hungry because I would have barbecue all over my dress within five minutes of dinner starting. I could eat my weight in cornbread, though, assuming that it’s southern cornbread and not Yankee cornbread. I love, love, love your honeymoon plans! You will love New Orleans. My momma grew up about an hour north of there, and several years ago, took us to see her town. What a fun trip and fabulous food!!! So many good restaurants. I pray blessings on your wedding and marriage and may God bless you with many happy years together.

  23. says


    If y’all want to take a long detour back home through Chicago after your road trip, I’d happily sit down and hear you gush ALL about EVERYTHING. PIMENTO CHEESE?!?! YESYESYES!!

    I’m so excited for you!! It’s going to be so lovely. I may just have to take a little trip to Kansas sometime just to see the pictures in person ;-)

  24. says

    It made me giddy just reading about all this! It’s going to be such an amazing wedding, I can already tell, mostly because it’s going to be filled with so much love!

  25. says

    I understand not being the center of attention, I’m the same way. From this post I can tell your wedding will be beautiful. The photos of you and Brian are adorable and gorgeous. The food sounds absolutely delicious! And the ice cream bar is a good idea too :)

  26. says

    Love this update – and I can TOTALLY relate about the shy bride thing. My favorite part of our wedding was after the father/daughter dances were over and I was FINALLY out of the center of attention. Up until then I was so nervous about everyone staring at me the whole time :)

  27. Jessica says

    Just started planning my own wedding. I totally get it, the worst part of the whole day will be the fact that people are looking AT me! I know, it’s the whole point! We’re just really excited to throw this excellent party for all our amazing friends and family.

    Also, I LOVE that you love Birmingham! It’s our hometown, the “big small town” as I call it, because everyone knows everyone in some way. Why would we ever leave? The food is incredible, the people are fantastic, it’s enough city and really only lacks good public transportation, and the weather cooperates (most of the time).

    Best wishes to you and your fiance!

  28. says

    You guys are going to have the most perfect wedding – I love all the details that you’ve planned. I’m pretty sure that all your guests are going to be talking about what an amazing time they had for many years to come and I’m also pretty sure that you two have got a really wonderful future together. You are made for each other.

  29. says

    Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome wedding. I love you bouquet, very unique and stunning. Also I love how you have God as the centre of your marriage, truly wonderful.

  30. says

    Oh my word, what an amazing wedding plan! I personally LOVE poppy orange so that will totally rock and a whiskey tasting?!? My husband will be so sad that we didn’t think to do that!
    You’re going to LOVE New Orleans and Savannah! hugs!

  31. Ashley says

    Speaking of ice cream for the groom’s “cake”, I highly recommend Call Hall ice cream in Manhattan, if you two have not discovered it yet! Wonderful, creamy, real ice cream…and now I need to make a trip to Call Hall! Your wedding celebration will be wonderful, I’m sure! Congrats!

  32. Jane says

    When you come to New Orleans, don’t just go to the French Quarter. And especially not just to Bourbon Street!!!! Get out of the Quarter and eat stuff that isn’t for tourists. Check out local and native food boys at Blackened Out, and Chowhound. That said, there are some really good places to eat in the Quarter if you spend a little time digging.

  33. jpdf says

    Thank you very much for sharing this, Ms. Christina! :) When you said, “I’m grateful that the Church is the center of our marriage prep, because really, folks, that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about coordinating colors, napkin folding, or detailed décor. It’s about combining two lives in the way God intended,” I was really touched and couldn’t agree more. Ms. & Mr. Dessert for Two, you are amazing! Best wishes to you and to all your loved ones! We are truly happy for you! Hooray! :) <3 :*

  34. says

    Aww, I love that you are coming through Birmingham! I live “over the mountain” so if you’re looking for some good restaurant or night life recommendations, just shoot me an email!

  35. says

    Honey this looks absolutely dreamy. I’ve been so out of the loop the last several months, so I’m so glad to read such a detailed update!! The big day is coming soon, and I’m so excited for you! And good on you both for being prepared. I remember way back at Foodbuzz talking about guys. I’m so glad you held out for the perfect one for you. I knew he would come. Brian is a lucky, lucky man. :)

  36. Nicole says

    I’m finally catching up on the blogs! This entire post had me grinning for you. Every detail was just beyond lovely and delightful to read about. Thanks for sharing, we’re so pumped for you down here in San Diego. I totally love your road-trip honeymoon! Mwah!

  37. says

    Dear Christina,

    I just stumbled into your blog today when I was trying to find something small to make for my fiance on Valentine’s Day (which happens to be my birthday). Your blog is so great because I often stumble to find a way to make small portions of desserts (the best I have done was to make 6 cupcakes rather than 24). I just subscribed to your RSS feed and I can’t wait to try some of your recipes in the near future!

    You and Brian are so cute together, and thank you for sharing your wedding planning as well! I just got engaged myself and I am equally un-bride-y (my friend just yelled at me today for not wanting an engagement party/bacheloretteparty/bridal shower). Though I have been quite stressed over venue picking, I have find it comforting lately to read other bloggers’ wedding planning experiences, so thanks again! Good luck on your big day!

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