Dinner For Two: Green Curry in a Hurry


This green curry in a hurry is a page straight out of my weeknight dinner book.  I’m always looking for healthy, quick dinners.  In order to get dinner on the table fast, we don’t have to rely on pre-made or packaged food!  I promise!


My favorite thing about this meal is the emerald green sauce.  It’s simply fresh baby spinach pureed with a can of coconut milk.  So easy, so vibrant.  Add your favorite veggies and your choice of protein (we love fried tofu or chicken), and you’ve got a meal that’s ready before the rice is done cooking.  Now that’s fast!



To get the recipe for my green curry in a hurry for two, click on over to Food Fanatic or see below:





  1. says

    Gorgeously green and healthy, Christina! I am totally loving this super-quick recipe made with coconut milk–a staple in my pantry. Cannot wait to make this and serve it with quinoa in lieu of rice. (I don’t tolerate rice very well due to glycemic load and quinoa is a complete protein.) Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! xo P.S. If you’re headed to Austin for BHF, have a blast!

  2. says

    Oh my, Christina – curry is one of my favorite quick weeknight meals, but I never ever thought to do it this way. What a smart trick to pack extra nutrients into the green curry sauce very quickly. Love it!

  3. amy L says

    Looks great! I’m printing one for my mother-in-law also, since she has mentioned it is hard getting used to cooking for two. I have tried a few of your cookie recipes and they are fantastic! Think you’ll come up with a recipe for lava cake for two? I had a recipe I made and put in a cupcake pan since I don’t have ramekins, and it made about ten. Leftovers just aren’t the same – didn’t know if reheating in microwave would make the inside gooey again. Thanks!

  4. Lulu says

    Just a quick note–I made a modified version of this the other day…using half spinach and half arugula. Also used about twice as many greens. HIGHLY recommend. Thanks for the inspiration!

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