Dinner for Two: Stovetop Mac ‘n Cheese


Well, how did you survive the polar vortex?  We’re happy to say we made it through the storm.  Although the storm delayed our moving truck, we were happy as clams under multiple blankets on an air mattress.  During the storm, we learned just how drafty our new 1920s house can be, and we learned the difference between a furnace and a heater.  Just in case you’re tempted, don’t call the emergency gas line for a faulty heater.  They’re more than happen to trouble shoot short-cycling furnaces, not heaters, though.  If I could have scooped up a big bowl of this stovetop macaroni and cheese for the repairman that came to our house at midnight to ‘repair’ a heater covered in dust, I would give him both servings.  Twice.

I love this stovetop recipe for macaroni and cheese because it doesn’t require a roux.  Simply whisk the flour into a small amount of milk, and add it to the rest of the warmed milk.  It couldn’t be easier.  Or cheesier.  Or more delicious.



Head on over to Food Fanatic for my recipe for a small batch of stovetop macaroni and cheese for two.



  1. says

    My goodness, you were trying to move in the midst of this winter tundra? You deserve a whole vat of that luscious, comforting mac and cheese! It really does look like the only thing that could take the bite out of such a harsh cold spell. Seriously drooling over your pictures right now.

  2. Natalie @ Tastes Lovely says

    That’s so nice the repair man came to your house so late! Otherwise you could have frozen in that cold weather. This mac and cheese sounds amazing, and simple too!

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