Mixed Berry Mini Pavlovas


Another dessert with berries?


Since my grocery store was sold out of broccoli (both fresh and frozen) and the baby spinach bin was empty too , I’m assuming you’re still on a health kick.  That’s fine, y’all, but seriously:  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Get ready.  Your honey wants chocolate.

Besides, calories are just delicious points.


PAVLOVA IS:  a crunchy but chewy-in-the-middle meringue cup filled with whipped cream and berries.  Don’t miss this impressive but healthy dessert.  I baked this healthy dessert for my sweet friend Julia over at The Roasted Root.  Click over to her site for the recipe for these mini berry pavlovas.

And could you leave me some spinach next time? Thanks.


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    “berries, berries, berries…I love berries” < – – – said like Will Farrel. Thanks so much for bringing your pavlova love round my neck of the woods! If you can settle for kale instead of spinach, I'll start walking your way, you can start walking mine…we'll meet in the mid – ….okay, enough of that. I love these mini berry treats and can't wait to try them!!

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    I love pavlovas! I tried making a giant one for 4th of July and I had some issues, but I think mini ones would be much easier. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, and I love that it’s healthy! (Although I am going to be out of the country almost all of February, so my husband is going to have to buy his own desserts).

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