Jam Cocktails: Strawberry + Moonshine

Strawberry Jam Moonshine Cocktail | dessertfortwo.com

Now that I’ve publicly chugged whiskey right from the bottle (see this if you have no idea what I’m talking about), I feel like you and I can be a little looser with the whiskey ’round these parts.  Am I right?  Gosh, I hope so. Let’s shimmy our way from the aged whiskey to the […]

Dinner for Two: 5-ingredient Creamy Bacon Pasta

Creamy-Chicken-Bacon-Pasta-recipe | dessertfortwo.com

If your days are anything like mine, you can barely count to 5 at the end of it all.  Also, at 7pm, this monster comes out of my stomach and says ‘GIMME ALL THE CARBS.’  Do you have that monster?  No? Just me? I’m always craving an easy, creamy pasta dish after Happy Hour.  Yes, […]

Tahini Swirl Brownies

Tahini-Swirl-Brownies | dessertfortwo.com

The massive jar of tahini is still not empty, in case you were wondering.  And, I’m still not done stirring it into desserts. Hold it right there, though, friends—if you’re craving super sweet brownies, these are not for you. However, if you find yourself snapping off a piece of 70% dark chocolate for a snack, […]

A video about me!

Hi, friends!  I’m just popping in from Austin to share a video I made for y’all.  I thought you might like to get to know me outside of the words and photos on screen.  Plus, I know you’ve always wanted to know if I have maintained my Texas accent. In the first few seconds of […]

Apple Pie Pizza

Apple Pie Pizza | dessertfortwo.com

I’m not naming any names, but someone in my house in on a juice cleanse.  And that someone’s favorite dessert is apple pie.  Their favorite food is pizza.  So, because I’m cruel, I made apple pie pizza.  It’s just that the house is starting to smell like raw kale.  I can’t deal anymore.  This apple […]

Strawberry Rose Gin Fizz

Strawberry-Rose-Gin-Fizz | dessertfortwo.com

Please excuse my lack of self-control while I share all the strawberry recipes with you all at once.  I can’t keep these recipes to myself!  The strawberries are talking to me at this point.  They like to be soaked in gin, they say. There are a lot of flavors that go well with strawberries, but […]

Strawberry Mascarpone Yogurt Pie

Strawberry-Frozen-Yogurt-Pie | dessertfortwo.com

You’re just here for the strawberries, I know.  I get it.  I could smell the first season’s berries at the farmer’s market a mile away.  Winter was so dang brutal this year, so we are all jumping for joy at the strawberries. Have I told y’all before that Happy Hour is a big deal in […]