Chocolate Croissants

Classic croissants rolled up with chocolate.

Umm, you had to know this was coming. The minute I think about croissants, my mind floats to chocolate croissants next. I restrained myself and shared plain croissants with you first, but these babies? They’re here to make sure your New Year’s resolution didn’t include giving up things that taste delicious. Because that would be dumb. Life [ Click to continue Reading! ]

A small batch of Croissants!

A small batch of homemade croissants. Steps are broken up into 3 days, so nothing is too complicated! @dessertfortwo

I just finished reading ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat.’  I know, I’m 6 years behind the times. I always read books WAY after they are popular. I just finished The Hunger Games recently, also way behind the times. Anyway, I have no idea why I read this book. I’m not looking to shed any weight. Maybe [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Yeasted Coffee Cake


I partnered with Fleischmann’s® Yeast to bring you this photo series. Thanks for letting me partner with brands to keep the lights on around this place. All opinions, words and photos in this post are my own. I’ve been big on breakfasts lately. Anything warm that I can make the night before and re-heat in the morning [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Cranberry Cornmeal Waffles + Cider Syrup


I’ve been reading cookbooks like novels for years. Since before I realized I wanted to work in the food world. Since before I was on the brink of dropping out of grad school to attend cooking school. (I didn’t. I should have). Before I even moved out of my parents house, my Mom and I would sit [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Apple Turnovers


Now that you are armed with a 15-minute puff pastry recipe, you are considered dangerous. You are capable of whipping up turnovers, flaky appetizers, and French pastries at any time of day. Please, use this information carefully and to your advantage during the whole holiday season. If you’re still afraid of dough, this is the [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Pecan Sticky Buns


Things are awkward around here. It’s the holidays. You want large desserts that feed your extended family. I just don’t do that sort of thing. The other day, I made a full-size batch of chocolate chip cookies. I spent the entire afternoon shoving cookie tray after cookie tray in and out of the oven. My [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Pumpkin French Toast Waffles

Quick and easy pumpkin french toast recipe

Lazy girl strikes again! She’s been hanging around here lots lately, right? I love that I can pass off my seasonal laziness onto a fictional character on my blog. Moving on…I’ve dipped bread in custard with the intention of making French toast, and then pressed it in the waffle iron instead before. The Rum Raisin [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Coffee Cake Muffins

Small batch of coffee cake

I’m going to need a slow clap starting now. When the oven timer goes off, you can begin. When I pull these out of the oven, start to pick up the pace. When I undress a muffin, go ahead and burst wildly into applause. These mini coffee cakes deserve it. My friend Heather requested a [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Quick Cinnamon Rolls for two

No yeast quick cinnamon rolls for two @dessertfortwo

Quick, as in no yeast. Quick, as in the speed with which you will eat this entire batch of 4 cinnamon rolls. Quick, as in how badly you’ll need to commit this recipe to memory for every Saturday for the foreseeable future. I’ve had a lot of no yeast / quick cinnamon rolls in my day. [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Earl Grey Latte Pops

Creamy Earl Grey Tea Popsicles @dessertfortwo

I’m not entirely sure that this recipe didn’t come to me in a dream.   I’m pretty sure I was dozing off during cookbook edits, and had a vision of an extra adorable stripey popsicle in my hand. (because if you’re going to dream about food, it better be the cutest kind of cute!) I’m one [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Sweet Potato Breakfast Crisp

Sweet Potato Breakfast Cobbler @dessertfortwo

I’m much more likely to get out of bed if there is a dessert disguised as breakfast in it for me.  It just makes waking up all the sweeter.  My Breakfast Rice Pudding was my first foray.  This sweet potato casserole turned healthy breakfast crisp is my next adventure. Right now, I’m working on the [ Click to continue Reading! ]