Mint Chip Donuts

Mint Chip Donuts

I’m not really sure what to say here, except…I had a craving. A fierce mint chocolate craving. A pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream jumped into my grocery cart last week (on its own accord, I swear!), and it’s really just been one downhill, slippery slope ever since. And somewhere along the lines, I got tired of icy cold and wanted my craving to be

Raspberry Cheesecake Bagels

Raspberry Cheesecake Bagels @dessertfortwo

Hey, Monday. I was ready for you before you even got here. I knew you’d be rough. I knew you’d be whispering sweet nothings into my ear, telling me it’s okay to go back to bed. I know your tricks. And I planned ahead. I’m beating you at your own game today. Because today, I have a breakfast that makes me want to pop out

Lemon Cream Pancakes

Lemon pancakes for two

Yeah, I definitely should have posted this before Mother’s Day. Sorry. Your Mom would have loved these. I spent almost all of Mother’s Day in bed with my new babe. I also had a mini melt-down because I felt unproductive, so my sweet husband sent me to my favorite place in the world…alone…the grocery store. Hallelujah, it was so good to do that! I’m not

Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate waffle with ice cream

So, I was talking to my friend Corey the other day, and we agreed that this whole ‘Single Awareness Day’ thing is sad. Yeah, not having a significant other can suck at times, but we just don’t think that’s the way you should look at it. We think Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of love. Love for everyone in your life—girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, family,

Chocolate Croissants

Classic croissants rolled up with chocolate.

Umm, you had to know this was coming. The minute I think about croissants, my mind floats to chocolate croissants next. I restrained myself and shared plain croissants with you first, but these babies? They’re here to make sure your New Year’s resolution didn’t include giving up things that taste delicious. Because that would be dumb. Life is short! Eat the things that make you smile (but

A small batch of Croissants!

A small batch of homemade croissants. Steps are broken up into 3 days, so nothing is too complicated! @dessertfortwo

I just finished reading ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat.’  I know, I’m 6 years behind the times. I always read books WAY after they are popular. I just finished The Hunger Games recently, also way behind the times. Anyway, I have no idea why I read this book. I’m not looking to shed any weight. Maybe I was looking for an excuse to drink wine at

Yeasted Coffee Cake


I partnered with Fleischmann’s® Yeast to bring you this photo series. Thanks for letting me partner with brands to keep the lights on around this place. All opinions, words and photos in this post are my own. I’ve been big on breakfasts lately. Anything warm that I can make the night before and re-heat in the morning is getting me through some chilly mornings. And while my

Cranberry Cornmeal Waffles + Cider Syrup


I’ve been reading cookbooks like novels for years. Since before I realized I wanted to work in the food world. Since before I was on the brink of dropping out of grad school to attend cooking school. (I didn’t. I should have). Before I even moved out of my parents house, my Mom and I would sit on the couch each night after supper and pour through