Bananas Foster Baby Cakes


I just can’t help it, I’ve got the Big Easy on my brain.  And if the past few weeks’ baking is any sign (which, um, is totally is), y’all have a lot of purple, green, and yellow sprinkles headed your way. Mardi Gras reminds me of our honeymoon in New Orleans, and although it’s been […]

Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Cake


Welcome to February!  February is for lovers, and I’m so happy it’s finally here! Valentine’s Day is a big deal around these parts, and I’ve got loads of cute desserts for two to share with you this year.  First up:  this spicy cinnamon apple cake.  I made a cinnamon cake in a 6″ round cake […]

Mason Jar Lid Tarts: White Chocolate Raspberry


Mini tarts, mini tarts!  Nothing is as cute as mini tarts!  (Sorry for yelling; these tarts excite me greatly)!  If you don’t have dozens of little tart pans in your kitchen, do not worry—just use mason jar lids!  Y’all loved my mason jar lid pies, so I know you’ll love these mason jar tarts. I […]

Chocolate Petit Fours {cake mix}


(If you don’t know, petit fours are individual pieces of cake draped in their own frosting.  They are the original cake pop. Bakerella, I mean that in the most respectful way). I feel like I know exactly how it went when a Southern woman invented petit fours.  I imagine a gentlewoman, much like Scarlett O’Hara, […]

Cranberry Vanilla Dream Cake {cake mix chronicles}


Well well well…did you expect me to make a mini cake for two with part of a cake mix? I conveniently realized that a cake baked in a 9″ square pan becomes two large pieces of cake once stacked and sliced.  How many life occasions do you need just two slices of cake?  On Mondays? […]

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake {+ an annoucement}


Do you know the origin of gooey butter cake?  If you do, you know where Dessert for Two is relocating to… Mr. Dessert for Two and I are moving to St. Louis!  We are beyond excited for this dynamic city.  After years of living in the country (in California) and living in the suburbs (in […]

Mini Pumpkin Bundt with Bourbon Glaze


Well, friends, I just opened a can of pumpkin.  And since my recipes use only 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup of pumpkin at a time, get ready for pumpkin inundation.  You’ll love it, I promise. This mini pumpkin bundt with bourbon glaze went quick in my house.  I’ve been wanting to develop a recipe for […]