Mini Baked Alaskas!

How to make Baked Alaska

I’ve been carrying around this little notebook for 5 1/2 years. In it, I write all the desserts I want to scale down for two. I’m always consulting the list and checking things off. It’s because of this little notebook that I’ve never experienced burn-out here in this space. There are always more sugary sweets out there to scale down to serve two. Life is

No-Bake Milk Chocolate Cheesecakes

easy no bake chocolate cheesecakes for two

Here at Dessert for Two headquarters, we (me, myself, and I) have a lot of strategy meetings. We throw around a lot of corporate jargon (‘synergy’, ‘end-game’, ‘big picture thinking’) in these meetings to discuss what exactly constitutes a serving size. The synergy between chocolate and cream cheese gets me to the ultimate end-game of cheesecake without forgetting big picture thinking: easily scaled up to serve more

Chai Caramel Ice Box Cake

Easy Chai Icebox Cake

Did you eat all of that salty caramel sauce? I told you not to! Fine, I did, too. But then I made another batch, and drew skull and cross bones on it so no one would touch it. You see, I had big plans for that salted caramel. This ice box cake. More specifically, this ice box cake with gingersnaps, salted caramel drizzle and chai

No Bake Blackberry Cheesecake


  Tune into QVC Wednesday night around 9:15pm to catch me promoting my next cookbook live! The cookbook is available for early release only on QVC. If you miss this limited release, the book comes out wide-release September 10th, and is available for preorder now! Thanks for your support, friends! Can we please spend the rest of summer eating no bake cheesecakes out of jars

Cheesecake Popsicles

Easy cheesecake popsicles recipe

This is an old recipe that was begging for a photo update. While pinterest is filled with gorgeous photos of cheesecake popsicles, this little blog was cranking them out in 2011–pre-pinterest. I was also cranking out awful food photography, but that’s besides the point today. I updated the post to include my hunky husband with his buff, tattooed arms in the photos. He was so cranky about being the

Shortcut Tres Leches Cakes


I partnered with BAILEYS® Coffee Creamers to bring you this post. Thanks for letting me partner with brands I love and use in my own kitchen. I was provided with product and compensated for my time, but the opinions and recipe are my own. If you are one of those lovely souls that bought my cookbook, you’ve been subject to my tiresome ramblings on how

Fudge-bottomed Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

There’s something I don’t do enough as a food blogger, and that is telling you guys which food blogs I cook from and love. I read roughly 20 food blogs weekly, and they inspire the heck out of me. I share, save, and pin their recipes in social media, but it never occurred to me to take their recipes and scale it down for you in this space. First up, I

Mini Lemon Cakes


I can’t be sure of where everyone lives, but I do know that if you’re in the South, you are nodding and smiling at the mention of mini cakes this time of year. Mini cakes, or petit fours as we call them, are oh-so-appropriate for Springtime. We make them for bridal showers, baby showers, Spring parties, and any other happy occasion we can think of