Small-batch Caramel Sauce


With or without salt, you need a small-batch recipe for caramel in your life. You already know everything that it wants to be poured on–ice cream, cupcake frosting, whipped cream, your spoon. Heck, even your morning coffee is staring longingly in the direction of the jar. I used to be intimidated by homemade caramel sauce, and so I would buy it pre-made from the store. Then,

Mixed Berry S’mores

Mixed Berry Marshmallows

I’ll admit it:  I have a marshmallow problem. I used to think they were so difficult to make, so I avoided them. I paid ridiculous prices for pretty little marshmallow cubes made at bakeries. There’s just somethin’ ’bout a square marshmallow, no? But once I discovered I could make them myself in about 15 minutes, I’ve made them dozens of times since. I started with

Chocolate Marshmallows

Easy chocolate dipped marshmallows

Let’s go back to you and all of the lovely things you want to make for your Valentine! I am loving all of your requests! When the request for chocolate marshmallows rolled in, I made them straight away. The thing about making marshmallows is that after you make them once, you have all the ingredients in your house to make them again. And then after you

Caramel Popcorn Balls, naturally


Let’s make a deal. For every naughty treat I post, I’ll post a nice one, ok? I might have made you Gooey Butter Cake Cookies that will single-handedly be responsible for some holiday weight gain, but then I made you Chocolate Peppermint Mousse with Greek yogurt as an apology. My apology for those Candy Cane Cookies that you will probably steal from Santa is these

Saltine Toffee

The easiest Christmas candy to make: 4 ingredient sweet and salty toffee @dessertfortwo

If you’ve had Saltine toffee before, this recipe needs no explanation. Maybe you’re already nodding your head in agreement that this candy recipe, if any candy recipe ever, needed to be scaled down to prevent over-consumption. Personally, I can eat a whole pan of this stuff. I start chipping away at it shortly after breakfast, and before dinner, it’s gone. I’ve heard it referred to

Single Girl Fondue

Microwave Fondue Recipe for One @dessertfortwo

How’s your weekend shaping up? It’s Fall, so there should be tons of things to do! Octoberfest, raking leaves, food festivals, fall baking. Really, the weekend is your oyster. But you say your Friday nights aren’t looking too hot lately? I know that feeling. You need chocolate. There’s not many things that you can’t dip in chocolate to make you feel better. Plus, cheer up—it’s

Apple Cider Caramels

Small batch caramels @dessertfortwo

One more chewy, sticky sweet square thing. I swear. A few moons ago, I used to drive to the city (the city being San Francisco) and take the occasional pastry class at the Tante Marie. One of my first blog idols, Anita, studied there, and I wanted to experience the magic that is Tante Marie. It was always a different group of people each Saturday,

Homemade Black Licorice

Black licorice recipe @dessertfortwo

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t run away! I know–it’s black licorice. Blackest black midnight black licorice. You see, previously, I thought you had to have a certain arrangement of genes in order to like black licorice. The red licorice? Sure, it’s a little more likeable. But the black jelly beans? Only a select portion of our population likes them. Black licorice twisty sticks? Even less people