Candy Cane Sugar Cookies


I dreamt about this cookie. Little things from my to-do list creep inside my brain and hang around at nighttime. I fell asleep asking myself ‘what am I going to do with those two languishing candy canes in the pantry??’ and then I had sweet, sweet cookie dreams. Maybe we’re all dreaming about cookies this time [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Gooey Butter Cake Cookies


I haven’t talked much about living in St Louis, have I? After living in 3 different states in the last 3 years, we struggle to put roots down and get ‘too comfortable’ in any one place. As I write this, we never know where the future will take us. Most likely, St Louis isn’t home. We [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Oatmeal Chewies

Honey Oatmeal Cookies by @dessertfortwo

If you feel like things have been a little off around here lately, you’re right. This is the best time of year for fall baking, and I’m really not cranking out that many recipes for you. The truth is, I think my kitchen has a hex. I have had more recipe failures this past month [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

A small batch of pumpkin snickerdoodles @dessertfortwo

There is not a single day that can’t be improved upon with a warm, chewy cinnamon cookie. Snickerdoodles make me smile any day of the year. But pumpkin snickerdoodles?! This is exactly why everyone says Fall is the best time of year. I took my basic recipe for a small batch of snickerdoodles, stirred in [ Click to continue Reading! ]

S’mores Rice Crispy Treats!

S'mores Rice Krispie Treats @dessertfortwo

No bake is the name of the game, friends.  Although, I can’t complain—it’s been a mild summer so far.  You too?  Personally, I love the humidity.  My hair is flat and straight, so humidity just doesn’t get its way with me—it was over before it even started.  I like how humidity makes your skin glow. I’m way [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Best Macaroons

Best Macaroons |

Stop right there.  You know the best part of a macaroon is the crispy brown edges.  So why do we scoop and stack the coconut, preventing the browning process?  When we scoop, the only pieces of coconut that become toasty are the stray pieces that survive compaction by cookie scoop.  That is not enough!  I [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Mixed Berry Mini Pavlovas


Another dessert with berries? YES. Since my grocery store was sold out of broccoli (both fresh and frozen) and the baby spinach bin was empty too , I’m assuming you’re still on a health kick.  That’s fine, y’all, but seriously:  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Get ready.  Your honey wants chocolate. Besides, calories are just [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Lemon Ginger Thumbprints


If I am anything in this world, it is a lemon lover.  All of my tea cups are littered with spent lemon rinds.  I hardly drink a cocktail without a twist.  I will eschew chocolate desserts in favor of a lemon dessert every time.  Please stop with those mean looks; I know how you feel [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Indoor S’mores


Let me guess…it’s cold outside where you are?  Thought so. This is the second year in my life where I’ve had to deal with snow.  Oh, sure we’d get a slight dusting of snow in Texas every so often.  It would disappear almost as quickly as it came, but not before halting all civilization.  Texans [ Click to continue Reading! ]