Two mugs o’ eggnog

Egg nog for two

You might assume that my brain instantly scales down everything to serve two. Not so. There are certain things I would never scale down. Like: chicken soup, chai flavored anything (except these pumpkin cupcakes), and most cocktail recipes. What am I going to do with an entire pitcher of margaritas? Wait, I know the answer! Moving on… So, when my sweet, lovely, beautiful and talented blog

Gingerbread Latte

Gingerbread latte recipe by Dessert For Two.

I’m committed to making lattes at home. It’s not just because I think Starbucks employees shouldn’t have to see me first thing in the morning, or that I shouldn’t be trusted to drive that early. Or, even that I’m going to bring my crazy, barking dog in the car with me. While all of these things are true, I make lattes at home because I’m lazy.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes {+mocha version!}

DIY Pumpkin Spice Lattes @dessertfortwo

Hey St. Louis friends—tune into Fox2news Friday morning at 8:40 to watch me make this live! I can’t promise the milk won’t go flying when I turn on the blender, but I can promise the chance to watch a woman burn herself on live tv! I’m taking issue with myself for how early I started drinking pumpkin spice lattes this year. It’s never been as

Tea Infused Blueberries {so many uses!}

Blueberries soaking in tea @dessertfortwo

If you don’t have at least a few friends with unusual dietary restrictions, I say you need more friends.  Every time I have people over for a meal, I take a running tally of their food preferences and intolerances.  I think it’s fun!  I love cooking for people with food allergies.  I love showing them that they can eat delicious food, with only small modifications. 

Earl Grey Latte Pops

Creamy Earl Grey Tea Popsicles @dessertfortwo

I’m not entirely sure that this recipe didn’t come to me in a dream.   I’m pretty sure I was dozing off during cookbook edits, and had a vision of an extra adorable stripey popsicle in my hand. (because if you’re going to dream about food, it better be the cutest kind of cute!) I’m one of those weirdos that must have something hot to drink

Peach Wine Slushies

White White Slushy @dessertfortwo

So, if you follow me on instagram (which you totally should because I share an inappropriate amount of photos of myself taking photos.  It’s ironic, no?  A tiny bit adorable?  Ok, NO.), you’ll know that I take Happy Hour very seriously.  I even capitalize the phrase ‘Happy Hour.’ There’s a set routine on Friday nights ’round these parts.  My friends and neighbors put their little ones

Vodka Tonic Slush

Vodka tonic granita with lemon @dessertfortwo

I have a Costco membership for, like, 3 things: giant bottles of Tito’s vodka, family-sized packs of goat cheese that last me (and me alone) about a week, and perfect French baguettes.  I am loyal to their baguettes, though they may be a bit fatter than true French baguettes, because the ingredient list reads water, flour, salt, and yeast.  Nothing else.  Amen.  If I was

Peach Jam Bourbon Cobbler Cocktail (video!)


I’ve been trying to think of alternate titles for this video because it’s one of my favorite things to do. I named my first live television appearance ‘The time I touched food with my bare hands and then handed it to someone to eat…live on air.  LIVE.’  You can see it here. For this video, the only alternative title I’ve come up with is “The