S’mores Dip {video!}

Indoor smores recipe

Hey-o! I’m back with a new video! (Did you catch that rhyme there?) I’ll curb my enthusiasm right here. You’re welcome. So, I made a bunch of videos for you a while ago–back when I was skinny and had a bad haircut. I’m glad one of those things is living on. Baby weight is the worst! When I was pregnant, everyone told me the weight

Lemon Creme Brûlée

Creme brûlée for two recipe

So, I definitely prepared recipes in advance for y’all while I’m on maternity leave, but I didn’t exactly write the posts in advance. Writing thoughts before I have them, or ‘canned’ writing as I call it, just comes off as spacy. ‘I love this delicious recipe, you should make it blah blah blah.’  So not my style. I would never do that to you. So, here

Chocolate Cheesecakes + Salted Caramel Sauce

Easy chocolate cheesecake with caramel sauce for two

In case you happen to be one of those people that needs to be hooked in the first line, I’mma do it for you right now: 3 INGREDIENT NO-BAKE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE. WITH SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE. Are you with me? I thought so. Am I right in thinking that every Valentine’s Day celebration needs cheesecake? It just says ‘fancy special occasion to me.’ However, it does not

A small batch of Croissants!

A small batch of homemade croissants. Steps are broken up into 3 days, so nothing is too complicated! @dessertfortwo

I just finished reading ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat.’  I know, I’m 6 years behind the times. I always read books WAY after they are popular. I just finished The Hunger Games recently, also way behind the times. Anyway, I have no idea why I read this book. I’m not looking to shed any weight. Maybe I was looking for an excuse to drink wine at

Mini Bread Puddings


I feel like the first thing we need to talk about today is that sauce. I’m going to say the name of it, but I want you to be sitting down first. Ok, are you ready? Brown sugar whiskey caramel sauce. I know. Just roll me out of here when I’m done bathing in it. The little bread puddings underneath the sauce that feels like

Chocolate Peppermint Mousse {skinny}

Skinny Chocolate Mousse with Peppermint @dessertfortwo

Have we recovered from Thanksgiving sufficiently? I gave you an extra day yesterday just in case you were doing one of those kale-quinoa juice-fast things. I can’t talk to you when you do things like that. BUT today is grand because we’re in the depths of December (by two whole days!), and so we’re celebrating with a rich chocolate mousse! I tipped a little peppermint

15-minute Puff Pastry


It’s the holidays. People are expecting homemade things from you. Impress them with homemade puff pastry. Hold it right there! I see you slowly backing away from your screen when I said ‘homemade puff pastry.’ But come back! I found a method for 15-minute homemade puff pastry. Ahhh, welcome back! I found this recipe from Clotilde, and I immediately trusted her because she’s French. I

Gingerbread Flan


OH YES. The holidays are for eating rich, custard-y things. I feel like I say the same thing about summer (hello, old friend ice cream), but the custards of the holidays have warming spices. And without warming spices, we would surely freeze to death. Did you catch that?: If you don’t eat this gingerbread flan, you might die. Dessert = justified. I grew up around