Peach Wine Slushies

White White Slushy @dessertfortwo

So, if you follow me on instagram (which you totally should because I share an inappropriate amount of photos of myself taking photos.  It’s ironic, no?  A tiny bit adorable?  Ok, NO.), you’ll know that I take Happy Hour very seriously.  I even capitalize the phrase ‘Happy Hour.’ There’s a set routine on Friday nights ’round [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Vodka Tonic Slush

Vodka tonic granita with lemon @dessertfortwo

I have a Costco membership for, like, 3 things: giant bottles of Tito’s vodka, family-sized packs of goat cheese that last me (and me alone) about a week, and perfect French baguettes.  I am loyal to their baguettes, though they may be a bit fatter than true French baguettes, because the ingredient list reads water, [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Watermelon + Raspberry Sorbet Sandwiches

Raspberry sorbet watermelon sandwiches @dessertfortwo

That Rachael Ray chick, man, she did it again.  In her summer issue, she had a recipe for stirring fresh basil into lemon sorbet, and then smushing it between honeydew slices.  I saw it while on a plane, and became immediately aware of the parched air in the cabin.  Suddenly, all I could think about [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Coconut Snow

Coconut Granita @dessertfortwo

So maybe I just poured a can of (full fat) coconut milk in a dish, froze it, and scraped it at intervals.  Maybe that’s hardly a recipe.  But maybe it’s so dang good, I don’t even care.  Definitely not maybe.  Definitely a yes. I’m vowing to always have this in the freezer all summer long.  [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Raspberry Rose Sundaes

Raspberry Rose Sundaes |

Raspberries just scream summer to me. I love picking raspberries in the summer. I love eating raspberries in the summer. Most of all, I love eating them off my fingertips one by one. Such sweet, sweet finger food. Raspberries make the perfect summer dessert because they are gorgeous, impressive, and need very little coaxing to [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Wine Slushies

Wine Slushy recipe @dessertfortwo

Back when I first downloaded Instagram, one of the first photos I snapped was of my then-boyfriend drinking a wine slushy at the California state fair.  I had never heard of the glorious thing that is called ‘wine slushy,’ and so I stood in line over and over again to try all of the flavors.  [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Make Your Own Greek Yogurt Pops

Homemade Greek Yogurt Popsicles with Roasted Fruit @dessertfortwo

…with roasted fruit! I just bought a popsicle maker.  Naturally, I’m obsessed with it.  I want a popsicle morning, noon, and night.  I can always justify an afternoon or evening popsicle after a workout.  Late night snacking is my favorite, so you better believe I crack open the freezer for a treat around midnight.  But [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Fresh Strawberry Sundaes

Strawberry Coriander Sundaes |

I feel like we should really celebrate Spring this year.  Like, REALLY celebrate it.  Remember the phrase ‘polar vortex’?  Yeah.  Eat them strawberries barefoot in the green green grass!  because we never thought Spring would be here! I’d rather chase the squirrels and deer away from my garden every hour than be cooped up in [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Tangerine Coriander Sorbet

Tangerine Coriander Sorbet Recipe | @dessertfortwo

Coriander has been getting a lot of play in my kitchen lately. I first had an orange coriander sorbet at a champagne bar in Chicago (I think it was Pops?), and I fell in love with it.  I scrawled it down on my inspirational / good God! life-is-worth-living list in my pocket notebook.  That was [ Click to continue Reading! ]