Some Silliness (and a giveaway!)


You may be wondering why I have a dessert on my yoga mat.  What does yoga have to do with a food blog? Here’s the thing:  this blog is fueled by yoga.  I have a full-time job, I’m a wife (read: laundry-doer, house cleaner, lunch packer, short-order cook), and I run this blog along with any other side projects that come along as a result. 

What We’re Eating


What do we eat on a daily basis? Are you curious? I’m endlessly fascinated by what y’all eat every day.  I read quite a few blogs where people document their daily meals.  And I love them.  So, I thought I’d share an overview of what we eat. Breakfast:  Twice a month, I bake a double or triple batch of granola for my husband.  My go-to recipe is

I have wedding photos for you.

Our photographer saw a moment of perfect light shining through the window, so she grabbed us to snap this quick shot. I love the glow!

You’re not going to read this paragraph; you’re just going to scroll straight down and hurry to get to the photos, so go on. I’ll wait.  You’ll be back after you look at all the photos. I made the executive decision to exclude my family from this public sharing. A wedding day is very personal. I don’t want to exploit my friends and family on

I owe you a wedding update.

Photo: Wrenn Bird Photography

I apologize for being scarce with details.  I thought y’all didn’t care (and maybe you don’t!), and I really wanted to keep the focus on desserts because the core of me is made of sugar and that’s all there is. The virtual wedding shower that sweet Joanne, Shelly, Kristan, Megan, Lauren, Julie, Tara, Madison, Jenna, and Krissy threw me was SO touching. The truth is,

My Kitchen

Kitchen Tour of Dessert For Two

Would you like a tour of my kitchen?  I’m so sorry I didn’t ask sooner! This is the Dessert For Two kitchen.  It’s also the granola-making-every-Sunday kitchen.  It’s the pack-lunch-everyday kitchen.  And it’s the make-dinner-from-scratch every night kitchen.  I spend more time in here than any other room in the house. When we first moved in, in May, my Mom told me I should hire

Some Big News (that I almost didn’t share)


I originally didn’t think this news was blog-worthy.  However, my Dad caught some great photos of me trying on wedding dresses and I thought y’all might like to see.  I’ll be back later this week with a new recipe. So back to the news:  I’m getting married.  Now, now, don’t go all overboard on me.  We’re in our very late 20s, and we don’t need