Moscato Gelee with Blood Oranges


Last week, I made a recipe for my Valentine that consisted of exactly what he wanted:  a small batch of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.  Simple, delicious, and zero frills.  Today, I’m sharing a recipe for my ideal Valentine dessert:  a quick and easy Moscato gelee topped with blood oranges and whipped cream.  It’s definitely not as fancy or difficult as it sounds.  It’s essentially

Dinner for Two: Peanut Butter Steak Tacos (with sriracha!)


This post is sponsored by Sargento Cheese. Oh, yes. I went there. Don’t run away from peanut butter on your dinner plate! I had a peanut butter steak taco the other day at a local taqueria, and fell in love.  There’s something addictive about warm, melty peanut butter drizzled with sriracha and gooey cheese. We’ve dragged all of our friends to this taqueria solely for this