To make dessert for two, you may find you need some special equipment.  Please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy every shape and size pan I use.  Try to use what you have and if an alternate size works for you other than the one I have listed, please let us all know.

Because I receive so many questions about exactly which bakeware I use, I created an Amazon store.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I hope it will help you.  I will continue to add to it as I find more petite bakeware for us all to use.

You’ve been warned:  I’m a ramekin fanatic.  I collect them and find them hard to resist in almost any color.


You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating:  baking is a science.  Measuring ingredients precisely is essential for success.  This is even more pivotal in small-batch baking.  One-eighth of a teaspoon might seem like nothing, but it is imperative.

A good kitchen scale will help you weigh sticky ingredients, like corn syrup and marshmallow fluff.




Invest in a good set of measuring cups. I prefer metal ones with sharp sides for accuracy.





I like this set of measuring spoons because it contains a 1/8th teaspoon measure, which I rely on in many, many recipes.




A glass measuring cup is ideal for measuring wet ingredients.







glasspiepan    A 6” or 7” pie pan work well for my mini pie recipes.  I prefer glass so that I can peek on the crust and           monitor the browning process.







A 6” cake pan makes perfect mini cakes.




A mini 4” tube pan is angel food cake for two.




Mini 5” bundt pans are perfect portion control for us.





To make a perfect cheesecake for two, a 4 ½” round springform pan is key.




Did you know they make mini cast iron skillets?  Aren’t they adorable?  You’ll need this for mini batches of biscuits and coffee cake.



The mini loaf pans that are commonly sold at Christmas time are the perfect size for poundcake for two.  I like to use a light-colored aluminum pan to prevent breads and cakes from getting too brown.





These glass ramekins are my favorite for molten chocolate cake. They hold 6-ounces of cake batter.





Definitely not essential, but I love my reusable silicon muffin liners. If you’re anything like me, you are scrounging through your drawers searching for enough paper liners to make cupcakes or muffins.  Not anymore!  These are dishwasher safe and so easy to use.



For small cobblers, puddings, and bread puddings, an 8” round soufflé pan is ideal.



gratinThese mini gratin dishes are just too cute. I would use them for peach cobbler, blueberry cobbler, and anything else where I wanted the right ratio of crust to filling.



A 6” tart pan with removable bottom makes 1 fancy mini tart for two. I use it with my margarita pie recipe.





Yes, I jumped on the baked donut bandwagon.  Have you? This pan from Wilton is great—nothing sticks to it!




We may not fill up every divot in this pan, but it is necessary to make bite-size desserts for two.




I do not have a choice—I must own an ice cream maker.  My husband says so.  My Mom and I have both used this model of Cuisinart for years without any problems.  I keep the bowl frozen in the summer so that it’s always ready.



A muffin pan with a capacity of 6 will serve you well.






Small utensils are not required for baking desserts for two, but I have a feeling the moment you try to wield a mini piece of pie from a mini pie dish with a regular-sized pie server, you’ll wish you had smaller tools.  Here is a few of my favorite diminutive utensils.



A mini 6” whisk fits well in my hand and whips a small amount of cream effectively.




You can never have enough wooden spoons in the kitchen.  This one is smaller, and great for making puddings and custards.





When I use a pastry brush to brush egg wash or milk on baked goods, I feel impressive.  And I like it.





There was a time when I thought that microplanes were extravagant.  Now, I panic when I’m in a kitchen without one.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I sneak it in my purse when I cook at friends’ houses.  More often than not, I leave it at their house to enjoy.  This turquoise one fits in my turquoise kitchen.




A stand mixer is overkill for dessert for two.  The paddle would spin without touching our small amount of batter.  When I call for ingredients to be whipped, I’m always referring to a hand mixer to be used.  I’ve used this model of Cuisinart for years and it’s never let me down.




You will only need the small and medium bowl from this set of glass mixing bowls.  Use the large bowl for salads.  Your mother told me you need to eat more greens.




These glass bowls are pricier, but I love them.  The high sides prevent powdered sugar from flying in my face and sticking to my lip gloss.  So worth it.



This petite spatula is technically intended for maneuvering in a small jam jar, but for us, it’s perfect for scraping the bowl, pan and beaters.




I’m a firm believer in silicone spatulas.  It’s the best way to get every drop of batter out of the bowl and into the pan.





Again, you will only use the small and the medium strainer for my recipes.  But use the large one for rinsing your salad greens.  (Am I being too pushy with the salads?)



My name is Christina and I am a ramekin addict.  I cannot resist the colors, shapes and ridged sides of ramekins.  They make it so easy to bake desserts for two, and everyone loves having their own personal dessert dish.



The basic white ramekin.  Emile Henry makes a great one.



Crème brulee sets come with 4 6-ounce ramekins and torch.  Lucky you, since I have lots of crème brulee recipes on this site.


At times, I’ll bake a cake in a 10-ounce ramekin.  I bake my pineapple upside down cakes in these ramekins and the fruit caramelizes on the bottom nicely.




More white ramekins, but this time, with lids!



Clear ramekins with lids.  I use these for everything from meal prep, salad dressings to leftovers.  Most importantly, I  use them for my molten chocolate cakes.





My Mom gave me a genetic disorder called Fiestatosis Syndrome.  When I see Fiesta ware, I buy it.  It’s not my fault.




You really need these shallow ramekins.  They hold the same amount of batter as the taller ones, but they are wider.    In my opinion, perfect crème brulee has a large surface area for a crispy sugar crust and a shallow place for creamy  custard.




My second obsession in life is the color turquoise.  So you know that I’ve got to have turquoise ramekins!




And eggplant purple ramekins.  Somebody stop me.





Here’s a great crème brulee set that comes with the best size and shape ramekins.





Mini trifle dishes are great for well, mini trifles.  I make my Banana Puddin’ with Homemade ‘Nilla Wafers in these.






Say you’ve already got an embarrassingly large collection of ramekins.  (call me, let’s be best friends).  All you might need is a torch.  I swear by this one.




Ever since I’ve been using citrus presses, I squeeze significantly more juice from each fruit.  It pays for itself after one batch of lemon curd.

Oh, silicone baking mats.  The day I bought this, I felt like a professional chef.  You can use these for everything from  baking to roasting chicken to making parmesan frites.  I own several and yet I always seem to need another.




I call for parchment paper in quite a few of my recipes.  Call me pretentious, but brown parchment paper is prettier.



Here’s the thing about mandolines:  every man in my family is missing a fingertip due to one.  But, you just can’t thinly slice without one.  Use the safety guard.  Don’t be lazy. I repeat:  use the safety guard.  Don’t make me show you my thumb with a chunk of skin missing.



Some of my favorite recipes on this site require the use of a candy thermometer.  Be sure to clip it to the side of your pan, but do not let it touch the bottom of the pan.  You want the ball of the temperature gauge in your sweet sticky candy mixture for the most accurate readings.



I can be a bit of a fancy pants when it comes to food.  But, I don’t spend my money on many other things, so when I find a great product, I don’t mind paying for it.




This vanilla.  Oh, this vanilla.  It changed my baking and my Mom’s baking forever.  You won’t touch grocery store vanilla after one whiff.  And yes, you can really taste the difference.




foods2  Old Smokey makes a great cloudy Apple Pie ‘Shine that I use in the prettiest dessert I know how to make:  Apple Cider Tiramisu.

foods3  I don’t have a recipe for Moonshine-Soaked Cherries on this site.  Maybe I just eat them right out of the jar.  Maybe.



My husband is from Georgia.  ‘Nuff said.






I rely on instant espresso powder to amp up the flavor of chocolate desserts.  It doesn’t make the dessert taste like coffee, it  just intensifies the chocolate flavor.  I prefer this brand because the crystals are very finely ground, and the flavor is  robust.  I even make espresso with it some mornings when I’m too lazy to brew espresso.





Have you ever heard of sorghum syrup?  It used to be the major sweetener in the South.  Our version of maple syrup,  if you will.  It’s making a comeback lately, and I’m so happy.  This brand is delicious.  Use it in my baked apples  recipe.




Cornmeal is sacred to Southerners.  We love it savory, we love it sweet.  This blue cornmeal makes the prettiest corn muffins.





I use brown rice crisps in my rice crispy treats occasionally.  I can hardly taste the difference, yet the nutritional profile is much improved.  Win-win!






If I could dip you in this and eat you, I would.  Texas Wildflower honey is worthy of such acts.  Try it, you’ll love it.