Frozen Coconut Mousse


…with Dark Chocolate Magic Shell. I’m either taking up residence in the freezer, or only eating frozen food until summer is over.  It is too darn hot.  Oh, plus humidity.  Frozen grapes, frozen peas, and frozen coconut mousse can sustain me for a few days, right? This frozen coconut mousse is my summertime dream:  rich, [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Brûléed Indian Pudding with Blueberries


I’ve been intrigued by Yankee Indian Pudding for quite some time.  I most certainly did not grow up with cornmeal and sugar together in any dish.  Cornbread in Texas is sugar-less.  Furthermore, we do not associate with people who eat sweet grits with maple syrup for breakfast. When it comes to cornmeal, you’re either in [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Creamy Greek Pasta Salad


Lately, my side dishes have been boring.  It’s like I’m on repeat in the kitchen:  grill 1 bunch of asparagus, spritz with lemon and divide between two plates.  Or, saute a few slices of bacon, add a small bag of frozen peas, and divide between two plates. I needed something new and different.  I wanted potato salad or [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Dinner For Two: Mixed Grill for two


What are your weekend plans? If you’re like me, the first thing on your list is a trip to the farmer’s market.  The bright colors of our farmer’s market right now are pulling me in. If you’re even more like me, you over-buy.  I buy more vegetables than two people can eat.  I just can’t [ Click to continue Reading! ]

An Ode to Moonshine: Boozy Sweet Tea


I go through great lengths for moonshine.  To say that I would not be married to my husband without moonshine would not be an over-statement. Not only did we drive to Tennessee to buy Popcorn Sutton’s ‘shine to serve at our wedding, but we also planned our honeymoon around a trip to a moonshine distillery [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Some Silliness (and a giveaway!)


You may be wondering why I have a dessert on my yoga mat.  What does yoga have to do with a food blog? Here’s the thing:  this blog is fueled by yoga.  I have a full-time job, I’m a wife (read: laundry-doer, house cleaner, lunch packer, short-order cook), and I run this blog along with [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Chocolate Raspberry Pizza


I can’t think of a better way to showcase fresh summer raspberries than with layers of chocolate. I mean, of course, after you eat your share of fresh berries right out of the bowl. (And by ‘bowl’ I mean right out of the carton on the way home from the farmer’s market). Is it just me, [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Sangria Sorbet


Meet your new go-to summer dessert. This cold little cup of heaven is already my favorite thing about summer. Although, when winter rolls around, I will add warm mulling spices and keep eating this.  Icy, boozy desserts suit me well, no matter the time of year.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you how [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Dinner For Two: Green Curry in a Hurry


This green curry in a hurry is a page straight out of my weeknight dinner book.  I’m always looking for healthy, quick dinners.  In order to get dinner on the table fast, we don’t have to rely on pre-made or packaged food!  I promise! My favorite thing about this meal is the emerald green sauce. [ Click to continue Reading! ]