Profiteroles with Raspberry Sorbet and Chocolate Sauce

Cream Puffs - Dessert For

Say it with me:  pro-feeeeet-er-rolls.  Very good! We’re going to make profiteroles (AKA cream puffs) for Valentine’s Day, ok?  They’re French, so you know this recipe will impress your Valentine.  If there’s one thing men like it is delicious things stuffed inside other delicious things with delicious sauce on top. You can trust a woman [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Nutella Round-up!

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes -

Since it’s world Nutella Day, I thought I would share a round-up of all my desserts for two with Nutella! First up:  Banana Nutella Chimichangas—the first recipe I ever created with Nutella.  This is my version of a sweet breakfast taco.  A chimichanga is essentially a fried burrito.  My version with diced bananas and Nutella [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Pink Macaroons

Pink Macaroons |

Next up on the month-long countdown to Valentine’s Day:  festive pink macaroons. These little coconut cookies look a bit unassuming.  If you think coconut macaroons are just globs of shredded coconut held together with some stuff and taste plain like coconut, I have to say you’re wrong.  As the coconut bakes in the oven, the edges [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

I owe you a wedding update.

Photo: Wrenn Bird Photography

I apologize for being scarce with details.  I thought y’all didn’t care (and maybe you don’t!), and I really wanted to keep the focus on desserts because the core of me is made of sugar and that’s all there is. The virtual wedding shower that sweet Joanne, Shelly, Kristan, Megan, Lauren, Julie, Tara, Madison, Jenna, [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Chocolate Cobbler


Today marks ONE MONTH til Valentine’s Day!  Are you ready? I’m excited!  Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.  It’s the reason Dessert For Two was invented.  It’s the kind of stuff that people who love mini ramekins, petite whisks, and 1/8-teaspoon measures thrive on.  It’s the best time of year to hold hands and share [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]