Dinner for Two: One-Pan Salisbury Steak + Potatoes

One-Pan-Salisbury-Steaks | dessertfortwo.com

How are y’all liking Savory Fridays?  It’s not that we couldn’t subsist on dessert all day every day, but we shouldn’t, you know?  A little savory is good every now and then, right?  Plus, if you eat all of your dinner, I’ll let you eat both servings of dessert for two On Sundays, I make [...]

Best Macaroons

Best Macaroons | dessertfortwo.com

Stop right there.  You know the best part of a macaroon is the crispy brown edges.  So why do we scoop and stack the coconut, preventing the browning process?  When we scoop, the only pieces of coconut that become toasty are the stray pieces that survive compaction by cookie scoop.  That is not enough!  I [...]

Dinner for Two: Endive Gratin with Ham and Gruyere

Endive Gratin with Ham and Gruyere | dessertfortwo.com

Need a little more French in ya?  Last week, I shared my recipe for a small batch of mini Chocolate Eclairs.  This week, we’re making another classic French dish for two:  Endive Gratin with Ham and Gruyere. I firmly believe that anything wrapped in Black Forest ham and covered with Gruyere cheese is delicious, but [...]

Tahini Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m having a blast at the ethnic grocery store right down the street from my house.  The place is always packed, and the prices are way better than most grocery stores.  Since it’s a heavily trafficked store, I know the turn-over is great.  Fresh, fresh, fresh! I picked up some fresh tahini (if I told [...]

Dinner for Two: Charred Corn Tilapia

Charred Corn Tilapia | dessertfortwo.com

I’ve been making this Rachael Ray recipe for no less than 5 years.  I love it because you literally slap together ingredients you have in your pantry and freezer, and what comes out of the oven is so impressive.  It’s almost embarrassing how delicious 5 ingredients can be. I’ve always been a Rachael Ray fan.  [...]

Chocolate Eclairs

MiniEclairs 084-4

These mini chocolate eclairs for two positively melt my heart.  I want to dunk them in my coffee in the morning, snack on them in the afternoon, and eat them for dessert after dinner.  The good news in that scenario is that this recipe only makes 6 mini two-bite eclairs.  If you share these with [...]

Dinner for Two: Spicy Mac ‘n Collards

SpicyMacwithCollards 037-2

Am I making you want to eat your greens?  Gosh, I hope so!  I don’t think I could try any harder than this perfect combination of flavors.  We have collard greens (featuring bacon and jalapeño) stirred with creamy, cheesy macaroni.  This is my type of comfort food!…with a double portion of ice cream over a [...]

Dinner for Two: Perfect Collard Greens


A whole mess ‘a greens.  Well, technically not a whole mess, because I cook for two.  You probably already knew this much. I’ve never seen a collard green recipe that didn’t serve an army.  In fact, my old-timey Southern cookbooks recommend that you wash the whole heap of greens in the washing machine.  As in, [...]

Potato Cinnamon Rolls for two


Rebecca Rather is my baking idol.  She runs a bakery in the Hill Country of Texas named ‘Rather Sweet.’  Everything Rebecca makes is the best version of itself, entirely from scratch, and completely mouth-watering.  Just for example, instead of the classic Tres Leches cake, she makes Muchas Leches Cake.  I’ve been making the pages of [...]

Easy Chicken ‘n Dumplings with Collard Greens Confetti


I never jumped on the kale bandwagon.  Not that I don’t eat it, persay, but I was never inspired to create recipes using it.  Most of the time, I wait for black Tuscan kale to appear at the farmer’s market, and I fry it with heaps of olive oil, sliced garlic, and dried chiles and [...]