Cheesecake Popsicles


I’m a little envious of everyone who will be making festive red, white, and blue desserts this weekend.  I really wish I could get whipped cream all over my fingers while carefully arranging strawberries, blueberries and raspberries on a cake to resemble an American flag.  My 4th of July dessert will not contain such cuteness. [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Better Than Sex Cake


No, I did not name this recipe.  It’s an old Southern recipe that consists of moist yellow cake soaked in pineapple syrup, topped with whipped cream and coconut.  I updated the recipe to include rum, and I used coconut oil because I think the extra coconut flavor makes this better than better than sex cake.  If you’re [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Multigrain Biscotti


Y’all will never believe it, but I made a healthy dessert…and it serves more than two people.  Scandalous, I know!  I created this healthy biscotti recipe using quinoa flour, oat flour, whole wheat pastry flour, wheat germ and cornmeal for my lovely friend Natalie of Perry’s Plate.  Head on over to her gorgeous site for [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Tin Roof Cheesecake


It seems that certain nuts are getting all the attention these days:  walnuts and almonds, I’m lookin’ at you.  Even pistachios have their own commercials with famous people and cartoon characters!  Don’t get me wrong, I love all nuts.  There are great walnut, almond and pistachio growers in my county and I buy local nuts [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Margarita Pie


My friends would tell you that I have an annoying habit:  anytime someone mentions a margarita, I will always chime in and say “the frozen margarita was invented in Dallas!”  Every.single.time.  I can’t resist informing anyone who’ll listen that the most delicious cocktail was created in my home town.  I’m so proud.  In fact, I’ve [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]