Hello Dolly Bars


Coconut desserts are commonly served on Easter in the South.  Coconut desserts are also popular around Christmastime.  I’m not too sure why some desserts are associated with certain times of the year in the South, but all I know is: don’t mess with it.  If you make a fruit pie at Christmas, we’re gonna look [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Creamsicle Pudding Cakes

When I wrote my citrus buttermilk pudding cakes recipe, I intended for it to be adapted to your citrus loving needs.  I’ve made a few versions of it myself, including lime, lemon cream, and tangerine.  All delicious. A few weeks ago, I brought home a 10 pound bag of oranges from a trip to Southern [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Lemon Layer Cake

I can hardly believe it, but Dessert For Two turns 1 year old today!  I’m going to try to not get all sappy on you here, but I just want you to know that you mean the world to me.  Yes, you.  Thank you so much for reading and making my recipes.  Every email and [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Tea Cakes (for a good cause)

Unassuming though they might look, Southern tea cakes are special cookies.  It’s said that these sweet little cakes were served at tea parties hosted by Juliette Gordon Low in her efforts to form the Girl Scouts of America.  Leave it to Southerners to create an empire out of butter and sugar.  Paula Deen was not [ Click to continue Reading! ]

1 Dozen Spicy Chocolate Cookies

Y’all know that Tex-Mex food is a cuisine in a league all its own, right?  It’s not some fusion of half Texas food and half Mexican food stirred together.  Tex-Mex food includes favorites like tortilla soup, carne guisada, refried beans, crispy tacos, cheese enchiladas with chili gravy, migas and more.  Are you hungry yet? It [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Lemon Meringue Tart

I feel certain that a whole cookbook could be written on Southern lemon desserts.  There’s lemon chess pie, lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, lemon curd, lemon cream pie, lemon icebox cookies, lemon poppyseed cake, lemon squares, lemon pound cake, and lemon this and lemon that! It seems that Southerners love lemon in more things than just sweet [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Banana Nutella Chimichangas

Breakfast tacos are a decidedly Texan way to start the day.  My Mom makes the best potato, bacon and egg breakfast tacos with roasted tomato salsa on the side for dipping.  As I was devouring her spicy tacos the other morning before catching my flight home, I started to think about how delicious a sweet [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Coconut Macaroons

Hello again! I hope y’all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  In case you’re wondering, my surprise destination for Valentine’s Day weekend was Half Moon Bay—a sleepy little beach town in the heart of artichoke country.  We had a fantastic time!  Can you say ‘private jacuzzi’?  Anyway, would y’all like to know what I made for [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Lemon Bars


I’m going on 5 years here in northern California, and I’m gettin’ pretty used to the California lifestyle.  I love how every town has a weekly farmer’s market.  If you miss market day, there’s always a roadside stand that sells local fruit, vegetables, honey, olives and nuts daily.  I love that when the rest of [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Valentine’s Day Desserts

I’ve put together a list of delicious options for Valentine’s Day dessert for two.  Please choose something, make it with love, and let me know how you and your sweetie like it.  If you have any questions while you are baking, feel free to email me (dessertfortwo [at] gmail [dot] com).  My sweetie is taking [ Click to continue Reading! ]