Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches


We’ve been stuffing our faces with a scoop of my cinnamon ice cream smashed between my spicy chocolate cookies lately. I tried turning them into 2-bite cookies (by rolling them into ½” balls and decreasing the baking time) to help with portion control, but I can’t quite help but take a bite every time I [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Baklava, Southern style


Growing up, I had a friend who was Persian.  It was at his house that I got my first taste of saffron, emerald green pistachios that squeaked on your teeth, juicy Medjool dates that I wrongly assumed were soaked in honey because they bared little resemblance to the leathery raisins I knew, and yogurt as [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Fig Cake


When I think of figs, I think of Teva-wearing hippies in Berkeley sitting in trees eating dried figs from the bulk bins of the co-op.  And that’s cool.  Real cool.  I love the restaurants in Berkeley and the food co-ops are even better.  Anyone else having a co-dependent relationship with the daily pizza menu at The Cheese Board Collective?  No?  Just [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Peanut Butter Pie Bites


I’ve told y’all once before that I’m very specific about peanut butter pie.  I’m a bit of a purist.  My original recipe is a rich peanut butter pudding tucked into a graham cracker and toasted peanut crust, without cream cheese or chocolate.  You can find my recipe here.  However, it’s high time I posted the [ Click to continue Reading! ]

No-Bake Desserts


Just as I was opening the windows to allow the cool sunset breeze to blow in, my Mom called to tell me it was the 26th day of temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in Dallas.  I feel for everyone experiencing the extreme heat right now, I truly do.  I ran into some people visiting from [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Southern Sweet Tea Granita


Ahh, sweet tea. It might just be the only thing you know about the South. Well, maybe you’ve heard we make great fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and maybe you’re even smart enough to know what CFS stands for. But sweet tea is the real thing we’re famous for. It’s the house wine of the South. [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Frozen Lemon Mousse


When left to my own devices,  I default to my perfect 1 person dinner plan:  I put a 1/2 cup of dry beans in a bowl of water to soak til suppertime.  I truly adore beans and legumes more than most other foods.  I do a quick peek to see if I have a bottle of [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Mini Peach Pies


As the person in your life who loves to miniaturize your favorite desserts, I should have made these mini pies in muffin cups for y’all sooner.  I apologize for that. This is my new favorite way to eat pie because it cooks in half the time of a regular pie.  There’s plenty of room to [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Grilled peaches with Frangelico sauce.

Most of the time, our first venture into cooking involves following a recipe.  Sometimes it’s our mother’s recipe, sometimes it’s from a cookbook, or other times we’re simply reading the back of a box. I remember the first recipe that called me into the kitchen.  It was a recipe for minestrone soup.  It called for almost [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Hibiscus Sangria

Hibiscus Sangria

When I moved to California, I learned 3 things very quickly: 1)   A whole, steamed artichoke is a complete dinner.  Be sure to dip each leaf in mustard butter between sips of white wine for the full the experience.  My best friend Esther taught me this on day 5 of living in California.  Someday, I’ll share the story about [ Click to continue Reading! ]