Boysenberry Hand Pies


  I use store-bought refrigerated pie crust for this recipe.  Why?  Well, normally I’m a big advocate of making everything from scratch.  I don’t even buy tortillas or bread anymore.  But when I was creating this recipe I remembered my favorite pie that my grandmother used to make.  Around the holidays, all the adults ate pecan [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Blueberry Cobbler


This isn’t just blueberry cobbler.  It’s blueberry cobbler with cornmeal biscuit topping.  The addition of fine cornmeal in a biscuit makes for a sweet, tender topping for the juicy berries.  The blueberries are dressed simply in lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon.  This dessert begs for a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and two [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

1 Dozen Cowboy Cookies


I hope there’s only one cowboy in your life because this recipe only makes 1 dozen.  I did not create this recipe from scratch.  I simply took former first lady Laura Bush’s recipe and halved it.  If these cookies are good enough for the President, they’re good enough for me.  I had the privilege of visiting [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Peanut Butter Pie


I’m very particular about my peanut butter pie.  True peanut butter pie does not have cream cheese in it—that would make it a cheesecake.  Peanut butter cheesecake is delicious, but that’s a whole other recipe we’ll get to on another day.  You may be tempted to drizzle this pie with chocolate or make it with [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Texas Chocolate Sheet Cakes


This was one of the first recipes I scaled down to size.  I’ve always been mesmerized by the versions of Texas chocolate sheet (or sheath) cake.  My Mom’s version is made with shortening and contains cinnamon.  I kept the cinnamon but replaced the shortening with butter.  This little chocolate cake really cures the homesick blues. [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Strawberry Shortcakes


This dessert requires a lot of steps but stay with me–I promise the reward of a slightly sweet biscuit topped with cream and juicystrawberries is more than worth it.  The biscuits can be made ahead of time, and the strawberries can be left to macerate for several hours. Strawberry Shortcakes Makes 2 strawberry shortcakes. Ingredients For [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]