Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

I’ve been tinkering with my chocolate cupcake recipe lately, because my original one, while delicious, made slightly too much batter for 4 cupcake liners.  I love the new version I’ve come up with because it has even more chocolate flavor.  I hope my niece and nephews approve this recipe–they’re my biggest fans and they are the true [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Pear Upside-Down Gingerbread

I saw a recipe for a fruited upside down gingerbread loaf in a vegetarian cookbook a few years ago.  I have since misplaced the cookbook, but still crave this recipe.  I think the recipe used apples instead of pears, so feel free to substitute.  But the first pears have come off the trees in our [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Spice Cupcakes with Plum Glaze

We’re off to Big Sur for a bit to embrace the arrival of fall.  The beauty of the California central coast eases the Texas homesick pain.  Wood-fired pizza and croissants at Big Sur Bakery help as well.  While I’m gone, stop by your local farm stand and pick up some plums.  Even if you don’t think [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Plum Buckle

A buckle is a streusel-topped cake that contains fresh fruit.  My favorite fruit to include in a buckle is plum for its tart and sweet bite.  I added ground ginger to my plum buckle because I can hardly wait for the warm spices of fall.  Ground cinnamon is just as good.  I used diced plums here [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Black and White Cookies

When I was in high school, my family went to Manhattan for a summer vacation.  We had such a blast that we repeated the same vacation the next summer too.  Black and White cookies are a classic New York cookie that has a texture more similar to cake than baked cookies.  Each time I eat one [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Cheesecake with Honey-ed Peaches

Cheesecake with Honeyed Peachesfinalsmall

Cheesecake is such a rich dessert that a small 4 ½” cake is the perfect serving size for two.  The acidity in honey makes it an ideal ingredient for marinating fruit.  The result is fruit with a meltingly tender texture, almost as if it has been cooked.  And the whiskey just puts it over the top.  My favorite Texas [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Texas Peach Cobbler


I reckon it’s time for me to share my peach cobbler recipe.  I’ve been waiting until peaches are in season in most parts of the country.  This is a very special dessert.  Serve it with Sunday supper.  4.8 from 4 reviews Texas Peach Cobbler   Save Print Makes 1 small cobbler in a 3-cup dish. Ingredients [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Blueberry Muffins

My mom is my recipe tester.  Isn’t that sweet of her?  Even though she doesn’t like to buy special-sized pans that take up space in her already overflowing kitchen, she does it for me.  Thanks, Mom!  Love you!  My mom testing my recipes benefits you in two ways.  One:  I live in the country and I have a [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Tres Leches Cake

Almost every Tex-Mex restaurant has Tres Leches Cake on the dessert menu.  I believe Texans are so enamored of it because it contains sweetened condensed milk.  The Pioneer Woman likes to call it the nectar of the South.  I couldn’t agree more.  Tres Leches is a sponge cake drenched in a sweet, creamy sauce made [ Click to continue Reading! ]



Scotcheroos are a glorified and sweeter version of Rice Krispy Treats.  It’s the Southern way to take something delicious and make it even richer.  It’s what we do best.  Some might call it excess, and many find our desserts too sweet.  I’m reminded of the time I brought a California boyfriend home to Texas for [ Click to continue Reading! ]