Coffee Cake Muffins

Small batch of coffee cake

I’m going to need a slow clap starting now. When the oven timer goes off, you can begin. When I pull these out of the oven, start to pick up the pace. When I undress a muffin, go ahead and burst wildly into applause. These mini coffee cakes deserve it. My friend Heather requested a [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Oatmeal Chewies

Honey Oatmeal Cookies by @dessertfortwo

If you feel like things have been a little off around here lately, you’re right. This is the best time of year for fall baking, and I’m really not cranking out that many recipes for you. The truth is, I think my kitchen has a hex. I have had more recipe failures this past month [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Single Girl Fondue

Microwave Fondue Recipe for One @dessertfortwo

How’s your weekend shaping up? It’s Fall, so there should be tons of things to do! Octoberfest, raking leaves, food festivals, fall baking. Really, the weekend is your oyster. But you say your Friday nights aren’t looking too hot lately? I know that feeling. You need chocolate. There’s not many things that you can’t dip [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Double Apple Crisp

Small batch of apple crisp baked in apples @dessertfortwo

I just baked apple crisp inside an apple. I had a serious apple craving. I almost called it breakfast, but then the ice cream came to the party. This recipe makes two apple crisps (for two!!), but feel free to scale this recipe up and serve an entire tray of individual apple crisps at your next [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Apple Cider Caramels

Small batch caramels @dessertfortwo

One more chewy, sticky sweet square thing. I swear. A few moons ago, I used to drive to the city (the city being San Francisco) and take the occasional pastry class at the Tante Marie. One of my first blog idols, Anita, studied there, and I wanted to experience the magic that is Tante Marie. [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Homemade Black Licorice

Black licorice recipe @dessertfortwo

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t run away! I know–it’s black licorice. Blackest black midnight black licorice. You see, previously, I thought you had to have a certain arrangement of genes in order to like black licorice. The red licorice? Sure, it’s a little more likeable. But the black jelly beans? Only a select portion of our [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Homemade Caramels

A small batch of caramels @dessertfortwo

I’m on a homemade candy bender. It really freaks people out when you make homemade candy. I get a million questions about how this sweet treat they thought could only be bought in a store came out of my kitchen. Last week, when someone tasted my homemade marshmallows, they asked if I bought the round [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Pumpkin Tiramisu


Where has all the tiramisu gone? Did 1995 take it all? Did the Olive Garden serve the last slice left in this world? I feel like it used to be so prevalent on dessert menus, but not anymore. And I think that’s a shame. Tiramisu is one of the easiest, most impressive desserts I can pull [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

A small batch of pumpkin snickerdoodles @dessertfortwo

There is not a single day that can’t be improved upon with a warm, chewy cinnamon cookie. Snickerdoodles make me smile any day of the year. But pumpkin snickerdoodles?! This is exactly why everyone says Fall is the best time of year. I took my basic recipe for a small batch of snickerdoodles, stirred in [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Homemade Marshmallows {small batch}

Homemade marshmallows small batch

I foresee lots of mugs of hot chocolate in your future. And how sad would those mugs be without a big, honking homemade marshmallow floating on top? I made you a small pan of homemade marshmallows. I spread the gooey batter in a 9 x 5-inch bread loaf pan. When sliced, you get 8 large [ Click to continue Reading! ]