Quick Cinnamon Rolls for two

No yeast quick cinnamon rolls for two @dessertfortwo

Quick, as in no yeast. Quick, as in the speed with which you will eat this entire batch of 4 cinnamon rolls. Quick, as in how badly you’ll need to commit this recipe to memory for every Saturday for the foreseeable future. I’ve had a lot of no yeast / quick cinnamon rolls in my day. [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Pumpkin Spice Lattes {+mocha version!}

DIY Pumpkin Spice Lattes @dessertfortwo

Hey St. Louis friends—tune into Fox2news Friday morning at 8:40 to watch me make this live! I can’t promise the milk won’t go flying when I turn on the blender, but I can promise the chance to watch a woman burn herself on live tv! I’m taking issue with myself for how early I started [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Chocolate Sorbet {vegan}

Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet @dessertfortwo

People like to say that life isn’t fair. French fries have more calories than salad. Paris is all the way across the ocean. Neither of the Property Brothers will ever propose to me. But, in some cases life is totally fair. This chocolate sorbet is completely fair. It’s rich, creamy, and easy to make with [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Healthy Chocolate Truffles

Three ingredient, sugar free healthy truffles @dessertfortwo

We are not going to say the ‘p’ word. Nope, we are not. We all know what a dried plum is, but every time you call it by its other name, somewhere, a vegetarian gets invited to another dinner party with zero meat-free options. Or yet another lunch with the boss to a restaurant where [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Carrot Cake, naturally

Skinny Mini Carrot Cake @dessertfortwo

Because sugar free week can’t be all cold and creamy ice cream, I made us miniature carrot cake bites! They’re naturally sweetened, which, in my book, means:  no funky sugars, chemicals, or trips to the health food store required—not that I dislike going to the health food store. Actually, I love love love it. Some [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Guiltless Banana Ice Cream

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream @dessertfortwo

Let’s get real for a sec. Ever since January, I’ve been eating dessert every single day. I had the best excuse in the world—I was writing my cookbook and developing all the miniature desserts for you! But, um, it’s not a lifestyle. It’s a habit. True life: I’ve been sugar detoxing. Oh my god. Have [ Click to continue Reading! ]

Mini Nectarine Vanilla Bean Pies

Nectarine Vanilla Pies @dessertfortwo

Have you ever seen these vintage mini metal pie pans? They’re about 4″ wide and only 3/4″ inch deep or so. I think I’ve seen them at almost every estate sale and thrift store I’ve ever been to. At some point, back in the day, mini desserts were very chic. And suddenly I feel like [ Click to continue Reading! ]