Chocolate Chai Donuts


do·nut [doh-nuht, -nuht]: a cake that when shaped like a circle with a hole in the middle becomes a perfectly suitable breakfast. See also: doughnut. Copyright: Official dictionary of Dessert For Two. Boy, could I use some cake for breakfast.  I spent all of last week sleeping in hotel rooms.  My husband and I have been [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Homemade Apple Pie


I did not think there was a way to improve upon apple pie.  That is, until a coworker brought in loads of fresh-picked Honeycrisp apples.  My apple pie recipe was good, but with Honeycrisp apples, it’s great. The only way to treat apples fresh off the tree with respect is to ensure they are tucked [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Sally Lunn Bread


We all have our insecurities.  Since I pay money to rent this space on the internet, I’m going to tell you all about mine.  Lucky you! I become insecure when I learn about a classic Southern dish of which I’ve never heard.  My blood rushes to my face, my palms clam up, and I try [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Skinny Buttered Rum Cakes


As the season starts to change, my preference for booze changes, too. This summer has seen its fair share of fruity, chilled cocktails.  Leinenkugel’s lemon-berry shandy pumped through my veins almost daily.  I can’t count the homemade beer-garitas we enjoyed, and our foray into cocktails made with jam instead of simple syrup was quite delicious. The [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]

Pumpkin Meringue Ice Cream

Pumpkin Meringue Sorbet

Let me guess:  you’re ready for pumpkin desserts even though it’s still hot outside.  Are you already ordering pumpkin spice lattes? Is that you in the drive-thru line in front of me, accepting a venti pumpkin spice latte through the window with eagerness unparalleled at 7am?  It’s cool.  I’ll wait the extra 10 seconds in [Click to continue reading and grab the recipe!]