Mixed Berry Mini Pavlovas


Another dessert with berries? YES. Since my grocery store was sold out of broccoli (both fresh and frozen) and the baby spinach bin was empty too , I’m assuming you’re still on a health kick.  That’s fine, y’all, but seriously:  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Get ready.  Your honey wants chocolate. Besides, calories are just […]

Quick Marshmallow-Peanut Butter Cookies {gluten-free}


I call these ‘emergency cookies.’  I make  these quick cookies anytime an emergency strikes.  My most common emergency is last-minute dinner guests.  Last-minute dinner guests are quite common around here, because I love a good challenge.  Other times, I put a lot of effort into making a meal, and then 20 minutes before my guests arrive […]

Oatmeal Cookie Dough Bites {gluten free}


Most of the time, I handle the recipe development for this site.  I daydream at work, often with my hands in the dirt, about the sweet treats I’d like to scale down for you.  But, sometimes, Mr. Dessert For Two has some pretty great ideas on his own.  He spouted off his idea for oatmeal […]

Peanut Butter Kisses {gluten free}


Ahhhh, peanut butter kisses.  Or, peanut butter blossoms.  Whatever you call ‘em, they’re delicious.  They’re ridiculously easy to make (only 4 ingredients!), and they’re gluten-free.  It’s a win-win. We make these cookies year ’round when we’re craving something sweet after dinner.  They’re quick (15 minutes or less), and don’t require lots of ingredients.  I can […]

Butterscotch Pudding {gluten free}

Butterscotch Pudding - DessertForTwo.com

I’ve made three batches of pudding this past week. I churned out a vanilla bean pudding (I subbed an equal amount of vanilla bean paste for extract) a cheesecake pudding for lovely friends, and this butterscotch pudding. Pudding is comforting, and it’s the sort of thing that we’ve needed lately.  Mr. Dessert For Two left for Kansas bright […]

Forgotten Cookies {gluten free}

Gluten Free Forgotten Cookies - DessertForTwo.com

First and foremost, Happy New Year, y’all! The arrival of the New Year just makes me feel older.  Even though I’m only 27, I’m finding myself in complete shock at how quickly time passes.  I can’t believe my 10-year high school reunion invitations are being addressed as we speak.  Don’t get me wrong though:  I […]

Chocolate Macarons with Orange Buttercream {gluten free}

Chocolate Macarons with Orange Buttercream--small batch.

I want to share a quick variation of my French macarons. My parents are visiting for a long weekend, so we’re out gallivanting around doing things that Texans love to do when they come to California:  wine tasting, harvesting food from the garden, marveling at the sight of water in rivers, enjoying the fact that […]