Dinner for Two: Cocoa-rubbed Filets + Twice-baked Potatoes

Romantic dinner for two for Valentine's Day: chocolate rubbed steaks

We’re still rolling along here with our 30 days of chocolate theme, but this time, I put chocolate in your dinner! This was another fabulous suggestion by a reader. Thanks, Krista! I’ve been known to add ground coffee to my steak rubs, but I had not ventured to try cocoa powder. I combined the cocoa powder with smoked paprika to oomph it’s smokiness. The steaks don’t

Easy Chicken ‘n Dumplings with Collard Greens Confetti


I never jumped on the kale bandwagon.  Not that I don’t eat it, persay, but I was never inspired to create recipes using it.  Most of the time, I wait for black Tuscan kale to appear at the farmer’s market, and I fry it with heaps of olive oil, sliced garlic, and dried chiles and serve over penne pasta.  Repeat, ad nauseam.  It’s hardly anything

Salami Chips + White Bean Dip


There’s a new love in my life, and I want to introduce you to him.  He’s thin, satisfying, and rich. His name is Salami Chip.  He is everything I’ve ever wanted on an appetizer platter. I baked very thin slices of salami on a baking sheet for about 10 minutes.  The edges crisp up in the oven, and the entire slice will crisp up as