Hi, friends!  I’m just popping in from Austin to share a video I made for y’all.  I thought you might like to get to know me outside of the words and photos on screen.  Plus, I know you’ve always wanted to know if I have maintained my Texas accent.

In the first few seconds of the video, you will hear some big news…

Yes, I’m working on my first cookbook!  The release date will be May 2015.  I apologize for making y’all wait so long, but I really want to put my entire heart and soul into this book.  It will have over 80 new dessert for two recipes never seen before on the site!  I will, of course, include 20 or so favorite recipes from the site, because I just can’t imagine my book without my classic 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies.

I am working so hard behind the scenes of this blog creating new recipes and shooting the photos for the book.  I am so happy to be doing this work.  Thank you all for this amazing opportunity.  I wouldn’t be here without your love and support.  You have my whole heart.

If you want to follow me along as I shoot my cookbook, you can find sneak peeks on Instagram.  And if you live in the St Louis area, please email me your address…I will drop off desserts on your doorstep at odd hours.  I will not be held responsible for your weight gain, however.

Thanks again for being here.  Thanks for the love and support.  Thanks for every comment.  Thanks for every sweet email saying you love small scale recipes. And thank you most of all for letting me get to know you through this site.

I love you more than you will ever know.