1. "To say that I would not be married to my husband without moonshine would not be an over-statement." Well, after reading your tale of wicked good meant-to-be love, some real 'shine, and your suitor's persistence to express his love for you, and work out your troubles, even nursing you back to health and cleaning up your mess, this is a true statement! Good thing he showed up lookin' mighty fine with that jug o' 'shine on his finger! (He was probably sporting a sassy but endearing grin, too!) Oh, about the "v" word. It's perfectly acceptable to use in a non-recipe "feature story" post. LOVE this story, Christina! Thanks muches for sharing. xo
  2. Oh dear! I guess there are two recipes featured here in this post! Had so much fun reading it, I couldn't wait to race down and comment! OK, you're forgiven for the "v" word. Why? Because this is a tale of true love. There. How's that? :)
  3. Love your story! When I was a little girl my grandma brought home a jar of moonshine from a trip South. It sat in her cupboard for years. Everytime I saw it I asked about it. One day, I got brave enough to take my first and last sip - lol... Hubby and I make homemade wine and I think the last batch of apple wine we made tastes a lot more like moonshine than wine - potent - lol!
  4. Christina, what an amazing, touching story! Thanks for sharing this with us--I loved learning more about you and Mr Dessert for Two's journey. It was a pleasure to read and you know what--there IS something about a man that will scrub your vomit. There. Now the v-word is on your post one more time ;-) PS. South Carolina just got added to my "must travel" list purely for that moonshine!
  5. Aww, I love this story so much (well, minus the vomiting ;)). I've never tried moonshine before and I was thisclose the other day to buying my first bottle from a roadside store but didn't do it. I need to go back now and buy at least two jars, because these drinks sound amazing!
  6. I loved this story!!! And hey, it's been a while since I've drank any moonshine. I'm going to clink glasses with my husband, drink this cocktail, and celebrate love!!! thanks for the recipe and story.
  7. There's nothing like vomit to bring a couple together ; ) Seriously though, I loved this post and the honesty that you talked about your relationship with. Plus the fact, of course, that the story had a happy ending.
  8. Neat story ... I have actually been to Firefly and purchased, well, not moonshine. My era connects moonshine with illegal - and possibly lethal - liquor, not good stuff like Firefly sells. I still have a bottle of their bourbon infused vodka.
  9. I'll take the vomit, your story was so sweet! I'm happy to hear you worked out your problems and although alcohol can be a problem causer, it seems to be a great solver as well. Can't wait to try one of your moonshine cocktails!
  10. What a fabulous story, sounds like it could be a winning country song. Thank you for sharing the bits about your life on your food blog.
  11. That is such a great story. It's such a sweet little picture of your lives together - minus the vomiting of course. And any drink that has boozy peaches is just fine by me.
  12. Okay that is the sweetest gross love story EVER!!! My heart melted all over the place! Is that Firefly the same Firefly that does the Sweet Tea Vodka? I HAVE to get my hands on their 'shine! I love apple pie 'shine, but Peach? Hello, I'm so there!
  13. I think all couples go through this "break-up" before sealing the deal (so to say). We were on break, and I ran to Hawaii for a couple weeks to hang with girlfriends and mend a wounded heart. Came back, and we've been together ever since. I have always been afraid of moonshine - maybe it is because I have only had the homemade stuff. Maybe we should give it a try. I like that you added it with tea, seems a very Southern thing to do.
    • It's so good to hear that you think breaking up before sealing the deal is common, Denise! You guys are an adorable couple, so you must be right! :) xo
  14. Oh my gosh, I love this story! And I remember when it happened too :) Can I just say I was biting my tongue when you didn't want to work it out with him? I'm just glad he knows the way to your heart! There's no fightin' that ;)
  15. That's such a sweet story! I do want to chime in and say where I come from, moonshine comes in unmarked plastic gallon jugs. Easier to transport, not gonna break and cost you money, and people know exactly how much they're getting.
  16. Any man who will clean up vomit and drive to the store in the middle of the night is a keeper (p.s. I think you just prepped him for fatherhood). And Boozy ice tea is my new jam, love this.
  17. That is probably one of the best summer drinks and it would go so well with my cocktail dispenser made by these guys
  18. This sounds like a tasty one, and I bet it would go perfectly in my cocktail made by these guys here:


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