Best easy cookie recipes for baking on the weekends. These recipes are simple and yield delicious cookies!

the best easy cookies recipes

Best easy cookie recipes

Now that we have a welcome chill in the air, it’s time to crank the ovens! 

Well, I have the oven on even when it’s over 100 outside, but that’s just because baking is my true love in life. But now that the kids are interested in staying indoors a little longer, they love to help me in the kitchen. If they get to eat something sweet at the end, they see it as a win-win.

While Camille loves to make cakes with me, now that I’ve got two rug rats, err, I mean two kids, we make cookies these days. Easy cookie recipes often come together in one bowl and are ready to eat within the hour. 

These easy cookie recipes are the best for so many reasons:

  1. They come together with minimal dishes. Some only need one bowl, some need two because of the frosting.
  2. These are all small batch recipes! They make at most 1 dozen little cookies! Small batch cookies are so perfect for making with kids, because they get bored after a few scoops. Speaking of kids, check out my easy baking with kids guide.
  3. If you keep a moderately well-stocked pantry, you probably have all of the ingredients you need to bake these easy cookie recipes.

I’ll list every recipe out here and include a photo, but you can scroll down to read about every lovely recipe.

Best Easy Cookie Recipes

The best easy cookie recipes. Simple recipes, delicious cookies.

Small batch sugar cookies for two. Recipe makes just 6 cookies. No chill sugar cookies. No chilling time required for half dozen sugar cookies.

First, my small batch easy sugar cookies are the easiest sugar cookies you’ll ever make! Check out all of the 5-star reviews! You can press a seasonal candy in the center, too, if you like! The recipe doubles easily to make more than 6 cookies.

lofthouse cookies recipe

Second, my kids would like me to mention these Lofthouse Cookies are their favorite. Just 6 little puffy sugar cookies, topped with fluffy frosting and sprinkles—way better ingredient list than the ones you always see at the grocery store.

white chocolate chip cookies

We will talk about my favorite cookie on the list: these white chocolate chip cookies. Sure, I make them with cranberries sometimes to make my white chocolate cranberry cookies, but I really prefer them plain like this. So chewy, so perfect, so sweet.

chocolate chip cookies with almond flour. gluten free and paleo

If you bake gluten-free, you absolutely must try my almond flour chocolate chip cookies. They are so good that no one will even ask if they’re gluten-free. Almond flour makes the chewiest cookies ever!

Healthy chocolate chip cookies made with whole wheat flour, coconut sugar, and coconut oil. Small batch cookie recipe makes 8 cookies.

While we’re talking about almond flour, let’s talk about healthy chocolate chip cookies. The term ‘healthy’ means different things to people, but for me, these cookies are made with coconut oil, coconut sugar, whole wheat flour, and dark chocolate. If that’s your definition of healthy, bake a batch today!

Chocolate Chip Cookies without Eggs. Recipe makes 8 cookies

Have you ever wanted to bake, but then you realize you’re out of eggs? Or, are you baking for someone with an egg allergy? You’ve got to try my chocolate chip cookies without eggs.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies made with mint leaves. Fresh mint chocolate chip cookies

If you love mint chocolate chip ice cream, you HAVE to make my mint chocolate chip cookies. No green food coloring or fake pudding mixes here, just real mint leaves steeped in butter. Is mint taking over your garden like it is mine?

Small batch oatmeal chocolate chip cookies: the BEST Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies that are soft, chewy, loaded with chocolate, chips! Recipe makes just 6 cookies!

I tend to forget about my small batch oatmeal chocolate cookies, but I make them when I want a big, puffy substantial cookie. Truthfully, it’s the only way I eat oats most of the time, heh.

Small batch chocolate chip cookies recipe. This recipe makes less than 1 dozen cookies

I’ll end with my classic recipe for small batch chocolate chip cookies. This was one of the first recipes I posted on this site over 10 years ago, and it’s still one of my most-made recipes! We love them in our house, and I know you will, too.


Wait, we’re gearing up for Christmas, so I want to share my easy Christmas Sugar Cookies with you. I took the easy route and made them all round with easy decorations, but you can do anything you want with this dough!