Egg Yolk Only

A collection of recipes that use leftover egg yolks, beyond ice cream recipes! When you have excess egg yolks, try making one of these desserts.

Some of the recipes also contain whole eggs.

Click for recipes that use extra egg whites.

Egg Yolk Only, Fancy, Gluten Free

Gingerbread Flan

OH YES. The holidays are for eating rich, custard-y things. I feel like I say the same thing about summer (hello, old friend ice cream), but the custards of the holidays have warming spices. And without warming spices, we would…

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Egg Yolk Only, Fancy

Authentic Tiramisu

Real tiramisu.  Authentic Italian tiramisu.  Y’all asked, I delivered. Not only was this dessert highly requested by you, my fabulous readers, but also, when I made a redneck version of tiramisu with apple pie moonshine, you received it so well. …

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