Today is the day I start singing ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeeeeear!’

You probably think I’m a bit late with that, but I love fresh starts, new beginnings, second chances, clean slates, do-overs, and all the things exactly like that!  The start of a new year refreshes and renews my goals in life.  You all set life goals every year, don’t you?  You really should—it’s fun!

I will be ringing in the new year with our Kansas friends, and then the very next morning, we’re officially moving to St Louis.  It seems fitting to spend the last day of 2013 with old friends, and start the new year in a new city.  Plus, hello easier taxes next year!

Normally, I’m a champagne-on-a-Tuesday kind of a gal.  You know this.  But, on New Year’s Eve, I get even more excited.  I infuse all of my desserts with champagne, too!

First up, champange sundaes with toasted pound cake croutons.
Any flavor of sorbet + your favorite bubbly = always a winning combination.  Here’s a little tip:  use store-bought pound cake for the easiest assembly.

Champagne Sundaes Dessert For Two


Next up:  champagne cupcakes for two.  This recipe only makes 4 cupcakes, so if you and your honey are spending New Year’s Eve at home, this is perfect for you.  The recipe only uses a glass of champagne—the rest is for you and your sweetie!


If you’re looking for a champagne punch recipe, you’re going to love my Champagne Sangria made with figs, orange zest, and plenty of warm spices.  Try substituting dried figs soaked in Cointreau for the fresh figs.  The recipe calls for a light red wine and a splash of Brut Rose (pink bubbles) before serving.  So impressive!

Fall Sangria -


And how about a little something icy?  I modified my Sangria Sorbet recipe to use pink champagne instead of the wine.  I love it love it LOVE IT.  I can’t get enough!


I feel like I have you where I want you:  all good and boozy.  You’re welcome.  Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, friends!

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