Chicken dinners for two. A collection of my favorite ways to use chicken to get dinner on the table fast. 25 chicken recipes that you will love!


If it isn’t a Monday when I’m staring in the freezer at two frozen chicken breasts, then it’s a Tuesday. Or a Wednesday or a Thursday; you get the idea.

I frequently buy a pack of chicken breasts, but as a family of two, I find myself freezing the remaining portion of the package. I use the Food Saver system to wrap up the chicken and seal it airtight for longterm storage.

While we’re technically a family of three, my toddler only eats 1 tablespoon of meat, every 3rd day and only when it’s raining. So yes, I still cook for two even though we’re a family of three.

This is my list of chicken dinners for two.

These recipes use all types of chicken: chicken breasts, chicken thighs, bone-in, skin-on chicken, boneless skinless chicken, and even ground chicken. I also have a recipe for a whole roasted chicken and 3 ways to use it.

  1. Lemon Chicken Piccata for Two


Two chicken breasts seared in a skillet, plus a pan sauce made with chicken broth, butter, lemon and capers. If you’re weird about capers, leave them out and call this lemon butter chicken. I serve it over spaghetti because it makes extra sauce. One of my all-time favorite chicken dinners for two.

2. Chicken Cacciatore Recipe for Two


I love this one-pan chicken dinner for two! My toddler loves bell peppers, so this is an easy sell for her. Bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs are one of my favorite cuts of chicken because they stay moist and get a great crust in a cast-iron skillet.

3. Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs

sheet pan honey garlic chicken thighs recipe with roasted broccoli

Quickly becoming my favorite dinner, my easy method for frying small pieces of chicken coated in a sweet honey garlic sauce. Plus, broccoli roasts right on the pan, so it’s a sheet pan meal.

4. Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts for Two


Two chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese, green chiles, and cheddar cheese. So good, and so spicy!

5. Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings for Two in the Instant Pot Mini.

The minute it’s chilly outside, I start making this recipe. It takes about an hour from start to finish, but the reward of creamy chicken and cornmeal dumplings is so very worth it.

6. Creamy Chicken Pot Pie for Two

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie for Two | Dessert for Two

Since we’re on the path of creamy chicken comfort, I also have a recipe for Creamy Chicken Pot Pie for two, topped with my homemade puff pastry.

7. Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Breasts for Two

Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Dinner: 5 ingredients to this easy, healthy dinner! @DessertForTwo

I became addicted to the combo of raspberry and chipotle when I had it in a black bean dip at a small Kansas restaurant. This chicken breast recipe captures all of those flavors in one dish.

8. Chicken Francaise

Two plates with chicken over pasta with a lemon garnish.

Lightly pan-fried chicken breasts in a lemony pan sauce served over pasta or rice.

9. Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

Soft tortilla with sliced chicken, guacamole and tomatoes.

My all-time favorite meal to bring to someone who just had a baby, or someone who needs help getting dinner on the table. It packs up nicely into an easy-to-deliver package for leaving on porches.

10. How to Roast a Whole Chicken

How to roast a chicken and ways to use the meat throughout the week

This is my method for roasting a whole chicken. In a household of two, you’ll have plenty of leftover shredded chicken to make more recipes later in the week. This is one of the chicken dinners for two that keeps on giving: make it once and use the leftovers later in the week.

11. Asian-Style Chicken Soup for Two

Asian Chicken Soup

Leftover roasted chicken (or store-bought shredded rotisserie chicken) make the most amazing ginger chicken soup with cilantro, scallions, and rice noodles. This is the chicken soup I make when I’m sick.

12. Indian Butter Chicken for Two

Indian Butter Chicken For Two

We eat this Indian Butter Chicken at least once a month; it’s addicting and so easy!

13. Instant Pot Butter Chicken

Instant Pot Butter Chicken, made in the Instant Pot mini. Butter chicken made with chicken thighs in the pressure cooker.

All the delicious flavors of Indian Butter Chicken from above, but made in a fraction of the time in the Instant Pot! Browse all of my Instant Pot Mini recipes.

14. Engagement Chicken Pasta

Engagement Chicken Pasta recipe

I took Ina’s famous Engagement Chicken and turned it into a creamy pasta dish. This method for melting cream cheese on hot pasta has become my absolutely favorite way to enjoy creamy pasta. SO easy, too!

15. White Chicken Enchiladas

Pan of white chicken enchiladas with pico de gallo on top.

I’m from Texas, so I make a mean pan of enchiladas. True Texans will point out that real enchiladas are made with corn tortillas, not flour, but I like how soft flour tortillas get in the oven. Plus the 2-ingredient sauce on top is the best flavor combo!

16. Rosemary Apple Chicken Burgers for Two


These apple chicken burgers are so fun because I use half of the apple in the burger for moisture, and the other half in the tangy creamy slaw on top! I use a 1/2 pound of ground chicken to make these burgers, but feel free to double the recipe to make more than 2 burgers.

17. Crustless Chicken Pot Pie

On a table is a white kitchen towel, with a green stripe, a white pan with a silver fork, 2 slices of toast, and crustless chicken pot pie.

If you’re not up for my version of chicken pot pie with a puff pastry lid, then my chicken pot pie filling over toast is just as good. It might be lazy, but it’s definitely delicious!

18. Lemon Aioli Chicken Salad (small batch)

Chicken Salad with Pistachio and Dates @dessertfortwo

This chicken salad with lemon aioli, pistachios and dates is my favorite thing to grab at Whole Foods, and I finally made my own version at home!

19. French Chicken Burgers with French Fries for Two

Lemon Tarragon Chicken Burgers with the easiest French Fries! @dessertfortwo

Along with a recipe for making real French fries at home (that starts in cold oil and only requires ONE fry time, YES I AM FOR REAL), these chicken burgers are punchy with cornichons, Dijon and creamy Brie on top.

20. Easy Chicken Parmesan for Two

Chicken Parm that serves two @dessertfortwo

Hardly a recipe, more of a method for pounding chicken, coating it and quick-frying it. The jarred pasta sauce and melted mozzarella on top is just a bonus.

21. Graham Cracker Chicken Fingers for Two

Graham Cracker Chicken Strips @dessertfortw

It’s hard to believe I made this recipe before I had a kid, but these chicken fingers coated in crushed graham crackers are insanely delicious! And so very kid-friendly!

22. Sweet Tea Fried Chicken for Two


Since we’re talking about fried chicken, let’s really talk about it! Whenever I fry chicken, I like to start it in a sweet tea bath on Friday and fry it on Sunday. Probably the most decadent of the chicken dinners for two here, but so very worth it.

23. Rosemary Lemon Chicken for Two

two plates of chicken thighs with lemon slices and rosemary

Another amazing way to use bone-in skin-on chicken breasts. The flavor combo is lemon and rosemary is so classic, and I’ve always got some rosemary growing in the garden.

24. Apple Cider Glazed Chicken Breasts

The carrots are glazed in apple cider, too, and they cook right in the same pan! This one-pan chicken recipe for two is so simple!

25. Avocado Chicken Salad

avocado chicken tomato salad in a white bowl with a spoon

Creamy chicken salad made with avocados, and punctuated with bacon, cherry tomatoes, and red onion slivers. The cumin lime dressing is out of this world!

I hope you love these chicken dinners for two!