Happy book release day! It’s finally here! My second cookbook, Comfort and Joy: Cooking for Two, small-batch meals for every occasion is now widely available! You can buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or you favorite book store.


If your favorite book store doesn’t carry it, let me know and I can totally fix that!

Bruleed Oatmeal with Lemon and mascarpone and hazelnuts

I had such a blast writing this book. I’ve been tucking away recipes for a savory cooking for two book for years, and I finally got the chance to put them in print! Many of these recipes have been coming out of my kitchen since my single girl days. There is a breakfast section that includes Bruleed Toasty Oats with Lemon and Mascarpone, Eggs Benedict (with a Southern twist), scaled-down recipes for pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, muffins, and biscuits (with 3 different methods for making your favorite biscuit!).

Breakfast recipes for two

I just love breakfast food, and it really comes through in this book. I’d love to write a Breakfast in Bed for Two book sometime!

Eggs Benedict for two

Next, there’s a lunch section with my favorites: a green chile chili that my mother-in-law is obsessed with, an attempt to re-create Central Market’s Apricot-Pecan Chicken Salad, many other salads, soups, decadent sandwiches (cheese-crusted grilled cheese, anyone?), and more. Did I mention the skillet pizza for two? Yep, there’s one of those.

Lunch for two recipes

The dinner for two section is divided up into standard dinners and anytime comfort foods. There’s date-night meals like Shrimp ‘n Grits, sheet pan suppers, and even holiday recipes for two. I made Easter dinner for two, and of course I made Thanksgiving dinner for two. I finally shared my Mom’s famous Southern Cornbread dressing in the Thanksgiving menu, and I know it’s going to be your favorite!

Thanksgiving for two

Easy shrimp and grits for two

Last, but definitely not least, I crammed in 15 more desserts for two. You know that miniature bakeware and petite spoons have my heart, so I scaled down more desserts for you: the easiest chocolate pudding (no baking or cooking required), pecan pie cheesecake (oh baby!), a mini yellow birthday cake with fudge frosting, cookies, small skillet cobblers, and more!

Easy, no-bake, no cooking required chocolate pudding for two

There’s always more, isn’t there?

Yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting for two

So, go grab your copy and let me know what you think! If you have a minute, I would love an Amazon review, too! Thanks, friends!

Love and cupcakes,