Bacon and butternut squash pasta. Easy to make ahead!

Well, these week brought us apples, pumpkin, and now butternut squash. Is it fall? Or, am I the only one buying sweater dresses with ruffle butt leggings? (for my baby, of course. I’m too old for a ruffle butt legging. Or, am I??)

I’m happy that it’s the season to crank the oven and stuff our faces. But, I’m also in a bit of a flurry trying to run around and get all the fall things done before the dreaded winter season starts. My husband and I measure our time in the Midwest in the number of winters we’ve survived. We’re at 3 winters survived. No car accidents yet, which is my biggest fear for driving in the snow, and the heater has only gone out twice!

Butternut and bacon hash

Since I’m running errands and working all day, I created a make-ahead pasta meal. It’s a versatile meal, because the base is a bacon and butternut squash thyme hash. Make the hash on the weekend (triple the recipe, even!), and then have it on hand for lots of things: pile an egg on top for breakfast, stuff it in a quesadilla with melty cheese, or my favorite: fold it into a grain salad. I love to make a pot of farro, and then stir in this hash. Top it with little aged cheddar chunks, and I could eat it for lunch every day in a week!

I shared this recipe for Bacon Butternut Hash Pasta on the Kerrygold blog this week. Grab it!