Our weekends have been hectic lately.  We just crossed the one-year mark of owning a house, and suddenly every sentence starts with “I can’t believe we’ve lived here for a year and we haven’t__________.”  Your answer choices are:  planted trees, landscaped the front yard, or established a lawn that has more grass than bare dirt.

The answer is D. All of the above.

I usually pop out of bed on Saturday morning at the same time I would for a work day (ridiculous, I know), and make us a big breakfast to get us going.  One thing I’ve been doing lately is putting a tray of bacon in the oven.  I think bacon made in the oven tastes better.  It holds it shape, it doesn’t splash grease on my cooktop, and it’s chewier.  Place a wire rack on top of a roasting pan that has sides to catch any bacon grease, and place your bacon on top.  Flip halfway through; perfect bacon every time.

One Saturday, I decided to make BLTs with the leftover bacon for lunch.  But, I knew I wanted it to be the best version of a BLT.

What could be better than a BLT?  A creamy BLT!  What could be better than a creamy BLT?  The addition of avocado (I can sense all of you nodding along in agreement).

Meet my BLTa wrap:  chewy, thick slices of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and a creamy avocado mayonnaise.

Avocado mayo makes my world go ’round.  You’re going to love this one.

Head on over to Food Fanatic for the recipe for my Creamy BLT.