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When I feel like we’re being ‘too good,’ I make us patty melts.  When we’re digging holes to plant trees, cleaning house from top to bottom before company arrives, and spreading 40 bags of mulch in the garden, we deserve greasy diner food.

When the only thing working harder than us is the washing machine trying to remove our dirt and grass stains, we eat beef.

I’ve shared before how we don’t eat much red meat.  It is for no other reason except personal preference.  We are vegetable-centric. (I’m thinking of starting my own cult called ‘vegetable-centric—you in?)  So, when I do feel like eating red meat, we go big.

The secret to great patty melts is this:  I make square shaped patties to maximize crispy bread to juice patty deliciousness.  I go heavy on the spicy brown mustard.  I pile on the mushrooms and swiss.  And it’s a feast.

So, indulge with me  today.  I’m taking one pound of ground beef and making two dinners for two.  Be sure to put this on your weeknight rotation.

Grab the recipe for my Mushroom and Swiss Patty Melts over on Food Fanatic today.