Salisbury steak easy recipe! Make this one-pan salisbury steak and potatoes for a quick dinner tonight!

One-Pan-Salisbury-Steaks |

How are y’all liking Savory Fridays?  It’s not that we couldn’t subsist on dessert all day every day, but we shouldn’t, you know?  A little savory is good every now and then, right?  Plus, if you eat all of your dinner, I’ll let you eat both servings of dessert for two ;)

On Sundays, I make a big Sunday Supper.  I love spending a few solid hours in the kitchen making something that is so different from the recipes I create every other day of the week.  I can’t articulate how happy it makes me to cook something that doesn’t call for sugar.  Or 1/8th teaspoon of salt, which is, like, 64 grains from my last count.

I typically make comfort food, because sinking my hands into meatloaf or constantly dipping my finger tips in water to seal ravioli edges is a repetitive motion that gets my brain going.  I often come out of the kitchen with inspiration for the following week.

One-Pan-Salisbury-Steaks |

I hit the ground running on Monday morning; it’s my craziest day of the week.  Since I’m often testing multiple recipes and making heaps of dirty dishes, Monday dinner must be easy.  It also must use as few dishes as possible.  I’ve been creating more one-pan meals for these days.

Salisbury steak easy recipe:

Since I use so many dishes when recipe testing, I can’t be bothered to make a dinner recipe that requires more than one pot or bowl.  Enter sheet pan dinners!  No mess, no clean up, no problem.  If you line the sheet pan with foil before cooking, you won’t even have to wash the pan.  Unless you’re my Mother…who washes a spoon just for being too close to a dirty one.  I frequently put cookie sheets back in the cabinet after I peel of the parchment paper.  Different cooks, we are.  (sorry, Mom).

One-Pan-Salisbury-Steaks |

I think you’ll love this one sheet pan dinner.  It’s comforting, quick and easy.  You can find the recipe below, but I also shared it on Food Fanatic:  homemade Salisbury steak recipe.