Review of BeesWrap Plastic Wrap Alternative

Oh, hi there! I’ve been so busy picking up my CSA baskets and washing my cloth napkins, that I forgot to check in with another way I’m taking my kitchen into the eco-friendly zone!

If you’re new here, I’m taking a pledge to make my kitchen a greener place. I spend most of my day in the kitchen, and a few simple changes are really adding up. This month’s challenge is to replace plastic wrap with Bee’s Wrap.

For years, I’ve been limiting plastic in my kitchen. We use glass containers and mason jars for food storage, but I still had a heavy hand with plastic wrap. I use a lot of plastic wrap because I don’t like to waste food. I wrap up little leftover bits of almost anything and try to find a use for it. I also make, um, a lot of pies and puff pastry, and the doughs require chill time in plastic wrap. As a result, I’ve been known to buy the giant double pack of plastic wrap at Costco more than once a year. It’s a lot of plastic.

Then, I was at brunch one day in this hip little place (fine, it was also full of hipsters) that also sold kitchenware, and I saw a display about an alternative to plastic wrap called Bee’s Wrap. The label said it was made out of beeswax and muslin cloth. I grabbed a 2-pack and took it home to use it. My kitchen was never the same.

DIY plastic wrap with beeswax and cotton

I use these eco-friendly little wraps to store bread, keep vegetables and fruits fresh, wrap up cheese, and cover bowls. The heat of your hands melts the beeswax slightly so that it forms a tight seal. You can also fold it into a little pouch to store a sandwich or snacks. The beeswax has jojoba oil and tree resin infused in it to help prevent the proliferation of germs. That said, they do not last forever. If you take a peek at my stash in the first photo, I have my oldest wraps on the bottom. I’ve been using them for about 6 months, and it’s probably time to retire them and use them as kindling.

Each time I’m done using a wrap, I wash it in cool, soapy water and hang it to dry. Then, I fold it and place it in the drawer next to the plastic wrap box so I’m tempted to use less.

Bee's Wrap Review

Last month, I received two more wraps in my MightyFix box. Have I told you about MightyFix? Ok, so you know those monthly subscription service things that everyone is into right now? I have yet to be tempted by one. I don’t need clothes, makeup, rare food products, or ingredients to make dinner in the mail. I just don’t. I try to live a minimalist lifestyle, and packages of ‘stuff’ on my doorstep make my eye twitch. But then THEN! the clouds parted and the sun illuminated a monthly subscription service called MightyFix.

The purpose of MightyFix is to introduce eco-friendly alternatives into your life. Each month, they send something that is meant to be a better, safer, greener solution to conventional products that are disposable, plastic, and often contain unwanted chemicals.

I mean, how perfect is that? I thought it would be a great way to get ideas for these Green Kitchen Challenge posts, too.

So, I signed up for $10/month and got my first fix–a fun new glass water bottle! Yay! My second fix was more bee’s wraps!  I’ve been so excited to get my surprise fix in the mail each month. This month, I received a big pack of thin, organic cotton dish cloths that are meant to replace paper towels. It all just makes me so happy!

So, I’m plowing along, telling everyone I know how cool this subscription service is, and then MightyFix emails me and asks me if I wanted to share it with YOU! And I’m like YES YES YES!

THEN! MightyFix sweetens the deal and said they would offer you guys your first fix for just $3! (That’s >50% off the usual monthly price). While the MightyFix that you receive in the mail is usually a surprise, if you sign up using my promo code, your first subscription box will definitely be two of these bee’s wraps–one medium and one large. I won’t tell you how much I paid for 2 bee’s wraps at the fancy kitchen store, but trust me when I say this is a fantastic deal!

So, if you want to join me in this month’s challenge to reduce the amount of plastic wrap you use and replace it with something sustainable, use this link HERE.

And use this promo code: DESSERTFIX.

Alternative to Plastic Wrap: bee's wrap

Thanks for following along on my Green Kitchen Challenge, and I hope you’ll join me in reducing the amount of plastic wrap we all use in the kitchen.

See you next month with another kitchen challenge, friends! Stay green!