Black licorice for the people! @dessertfortwo

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t run away! I know–it’s black licorice. Blackest black midnight black licorice.

You see, previously, I thought you had to have a certain arrangement of genes in order to like black licorice. The red licorice? Sure, it’s a little more likeable. But the black jelly beans? Only a select portion of our population likes them. Black licorice twisty sticks? Even less people like them. But then, I had homemade black licorice. I was completely floored.

Here’s the truth: I scaled back on the anise extract a touch. This made all the difference in the world. This is how I was converted to a black licorice lover. But fret not, if you hoard black jelly beans and savor black licorice sticks, just use an entire tablespoon of anise extract for your beloved licorice flavor.

This homemade candy binge has been so fun! I had to pick up a few specialty ingredients for this recipe. I grabbed anise extract and black food gel. You can use the leftover anise extract for biscotti.

Black licorice recipe @dessertfortwo

Butter the pan very well (yum!)

Black licorice recipe @dessertfortwo

Boil the granulated sugar, dark corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, molasses and a pinch of salt. Boil the mixture to a temperature between 235 and 240-degrees F.

Homemade licorice bites @dessertfortwo

Stir in the flour, black food gel, and anise extract. Work quickly!

You can cut the soft, chewy licorice into bite-size pieces like I did below, or slice into thin strips and twist.

I shared my recipe with detailed instructions over on Food 52 right here.

Licorice recipe @dessertfortwo

This is licorice for the people, I tell ya.