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Can we talk about hitting the reset button? This summer was pretty rough for me, personally. I had a lot of shit going on emotionally, combined with too much work on my plate, and spotty childcare options. It was Rough—yes, with a capital R. Several family members flew across the country just to give me a little relief, and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m not one to ever ask for help or lean on people, but it was a crazy period. Thankfully, it’s coming to a close. Book edits are done, daycare is back in session, and life is calming down.

My plan for Fall is to relax. Sit and do nothing, enjoy a cup of tea without my phone near me, and hit the pause button in life.

new pure leaf teas

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I keep falling down rabbit holes of articles talking about how much time we spend on our phones and how it’s killing our brains. I read these types of articles on my phone (ever so ironically), and vow to put my phone down for the rest of the day. It lasts for all of 20 minutes. I’m basically consuming content about how we consume too much content. It didn’t sink in for me until I heard these sweet, sweet words: we’re mistaking virtual interaction for real interaction.

Upon hearing those words, I dropped my phone, grabbed my favorite tea, and set out to reconnect with my friends IN REAL LIFE. I wouldn’t peruse my best friend’s Facebook page to see what she was up to. I would actually drive to her house and enjoy a pot of tea with her. I wouldn’t mindlessly scroll on instagram to see what my other best friend had been baking, I would actually call her to ask. And I’d listen to her Canadian accent talk about how exciting cooking with her toddler has been lately.

hot tea

And though you and I are talking on the internet right now, I really wish we could sit down and enjoy some tea together. I want to actually look you in the eyes, hear about what you’ve been baking lately, and find out where you’re spending the holidays.

But since I can’t set tea time dates with all of you, I think you should call your real best friend instead. Stop texting her, and sit down to share a pot of tea instead. I promise it will be loads more fun, and approximately 156 more inside jokes will arise since you’re not just texting.

I’m so glad that Pure Leaf reminded me how important it is to spend time with those we love in real life. They apparently read my blog (how cool is that?), and they asked me if I wanted to review their new tea line. I felt like they had just snooped around my kitchen and seen my cabinet overflowing with teas and my teetering collection of tea cups. I might love tea just as much as the folks at Pure Leaf do. They sent me their new bagged and loose-leaf tea varieties to try, and it was like Christmas morning for me. I’m so excited to know that my regular grocery store has such great-quality tea now. And loose-leaf tea, too! I used to have the hardest time finding great quality loose-leaf tea, but these single-origin tea offerings are it for me.

pure leaf teas

Recap: put down your phone, grab some tea, and hang out with people in real life. You feel me?