Photo by my lovely and super talented friend, Britton Orrange.

Photo by my lovely and super talented friend, Britton Orrange.


Whoosh. That’s how I feel about 2014. I always take the last 2 weeks of each year as a chance to disconnect, so you haven’t seen much of me around these parts. If I had my life together, I would have made recipes for you in advance, but between Christmas shopping, traveling to see family, and spending quality time with friends, it didn’t work out that way. However, I’m happy I spent my time Christmas party-ing and road-tripping. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I hope my croissant recipe saw you through. Have you tried them yet? Don’t be scared! I received a lot of questions, and have since clarified the instructions because some found the folding process confusing. Let me know if you have any more questions. At worst, if you mess up the recipe, you’ll end up with crescent rolls instead of croissants. Still delicious, trust me.

Dessert for Two by Christina Lane

I need to update you on a few things. First things first:  My cookbook is available for pre-order HERE!

Ok, fine, it’s been available for pre-order for a long time, but I’m just now telling you about it because I didn’t want to be all pushy. We moved the publishing date up to February 2nd so that you have time to buy and give it as a gift for Valentine’s Day. The book got named one of Amazon’s best upcoming releases, and that makes me so happy.

This book, you guys, it has my heart and soul in it. I started writing it years ago. Spending 6 solid months of dedicated hard work on it this year to wrap it up has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced. Some day, I’d like to write a post about the process of writing a book, because if you have that little spark in your heart, I want to encourage you to do it! You don’t need fame and fortune to write a book. You need a good idea and a great work ethic. I got my book deal when I was barely cracking 100k page views a month on this site. Seriously. But I believed in the idea of Dessert for Two, worked my butt off, and now it’s in print! I took all of the photos in the book (even the ones with me in it; hello, awkward), and for better or worse, the publisher agreed to it all. It’s not just recipes; it has a small-batch baking guide, tips for using up the rest of ingredients, and personal stories. Like, really personal stories. That makes me a little nervous, but anytime I thought about deleting a family story to maintain privacy, something stopped me. If you’ve ever met a Southerner, you know that we love to tell stories.

Another thing that makes me so happy I might pee? You will be seeing me on QVC January 21st promoting my book! I’m going to do more live television for you, because I’m so good at it (kidding)! Seriously, guys, I love live tv. I feel like you can’t prepare for it–you just go out there with a big smile and have a good time. Recorded television gives me back sweat. So, be sure to tune in  and catch me with David. Yep, THE David of ‘In the Kitchen with David’ of QVC. I know we’re going to have a great time! I think I’ll be on for 10 minutes or so, so don’t be late! I’ll update you with the viewing times as it gets closer. I’m headed up to QVC headquarters for training next week, and I’m sure I’ll have more details after that.

Another photo by my amazing friend, Britton Orrange.

Another photo by my amazing friend, Britton Orrange.


Last but not least, I want to say THANK YOU. You guys have made this year so dang special for me. I can’t believe I get to do this as a full-time job, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. It’s all because of you. If you see me in real life, I want to give you a hug. And since I do this really weird thing when hugging people, and wrap one of my legs around them, you can’t pass that up. See example above.

I hope you guys have lots of plans to make 2015 the best year yet. I hope you have the courage to chase after the things you really want in life this year. I hope your happiness knows no limits, and your blessings basket is overflowing. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help make that happen for you.

Much love and cupcakes,

P.S. Can we please kick off our shoes and dance outdoors more this year?


Photo by Britton Orrange.


P.P.S. I need a tan.