I think it’s time for another ‘check in’ post. If only because I have so many fun, exciting things to share with y’all!

First, let’s start with the most exciting news and roll down the hill from there, ok?

First, my husband and I will be on The Today Show next Thursday morning cooking from the book!!! Well, unless another war breaks out, and I get pulled off air due to ‘more important news.’ I personally can’t imagine anything happening in the world more important than sharing my love of desserts for two with you, but some people think wars and missiles are a big deal. I think those people just need another slice of cake. (I hope you know I’m kidding). I will keep you guys updated on instagram, facebook, and twitter about my appearances so you can tune in and watch!

Dessert for Two and Martha Stewart Weddings team up for #14daysoflove

Second, while I’m in New York, I’ll be hosting a live Twitter party with Martha Stewart Weddings. I will be signing books at their offices, and you can win one of those books if you follow along and chat with us using the hashtag #14DaysofLove. Please join us at 1pm Eastern time, 12pm Central time, and 10am Pacific time!


Third, I want to say THANK YOU for watching me on QVC and helping me sell out my cookbook! Just to be clear, I only sold out the portion of books that QVC bought from my publisher—the book is still widely available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. We ordered a second printing of the book last week, so do not fear: there are plenty of books!

I also want to take this time to thank Destination Maternity for providing my outfit and jewelry that night on QVC. They made me look so good! When I looked in the mirror before going on air, I didn’t recognize myself! Thank you, Destination Maternity, for making me feel great!

If you missed the QVC airing, here’s a YouTube link to it.

So, I hear you guys loud and clear: I’m so sorry about the constantly changing release date of the cookbook on Amazon. Ugh, I know Amazon blows up your inbox every time a book you have pre-ordered changes the release date. The release date has moved to February 9th-12th. I apologize for the delay. It was caused by a contractual agreement with QVC. They wanted to be the only retailer selling the book for a set amount of time. I don’t think anyone anticipated that we would sell the entire QVC stock in 6 minutes, and such selling terms would be moot. Regardless, if you’re hoping for the book to be a Valentine’s Day gift, your best bet (besides super fast shipping) is to head to a brick-and-mortar store. I heard a little rumor that they will have the book much earlier than February 12th. I may or may not be stalking the baking section at my local Barnes & Noble just waiting to see it. Every day, I go to Teavana and get a snow geisha hot tea to make it look like I’m ‘just browsing,’ but really, I’m on the hunt! I will let you know as soon as I see it!

I’m receiving a lot of questions about signed copies. At this time, that is just something I cannot offer. Amazon requires a second listing for signed books, and since it’s really only, like, 11 people that have asked, Amazon will not process that request. There’s a small chance my publisher and I will put something together and send signed cards for you to add to your book as an insert, but again, it’s like 11 people. I’ll keep you 11 in the loop.

Third, my family and I want to say THANK YOU again from the bottom of our hearts for your kind words about my pregnancy announcement. You guys were so sweet, and you weren’t mad at me at all for keeping it a secret for over 6 months. I was really worried when I posted this photo a few months ago that you would guess that little protrusion was a baby bump:


And while a few of you did, it was less embarrassing than I thought. I also want to reiterate that this website will not become dessert for more than two. I am committed to small batch desserts, dinners, and drinks for life. Plus, did you really think I was going to start feeding her desserts right out of the womb? You totally can’t do that with babies, or so I hear. I could be wrong. Brownie breast milkshake with salted caramel drizzle? SORRY THAT’S SO WRONG.

Yappy on the left; Gassy on the right. I mean, Dovi on the left; Rocco on the right.


Finally, on a personal note, I just want to acknowledge and own up to my craziness in public. My husband and I just finished potty training a dog that we rescued in August. What did we do last weekend but buy another one? We figured this is the time in our lives to embrace the chaos and maximize the stress. You know, before we bring a child into this world. I mean, what could go wrong? BOTH of the dogs want to sleep on me all night. If my husband tries to buy a third dog in order to find his own snuggle buddy, this site will become Dessert for One in no time. I mean it. No more dogs!

Anyway, his name is Rocco, after Rocco DiSpirito. We think he’s a poodle of some sort. Apparently it’s a poodle thing that he’s incredibly smart and is already potty trained at 12 weeks. I put him on the grass and he squats immediately. It blows me away. It took months to get Dovi to do something remotely close, and he can still be stubborn about it. Rocco is incredibly scared of people. In fact, the reason he was at the rescue is because no one would adopt him at the puppy mill because he’s too shy. He was on his way to youknowwhat when the rescue stepped in. He’s still pretty unsure of us, but he LOVES Dovi. And Dovi loves him. Every morning, they do a few rounds of downward-facing dog and upward-facing dog yoga poses, and then they set out to determine who will be king of the Sahara that day. It’s like Lion King in my bed in every morning. Rocco immediately surrenders, rolls on his back and flails his legs like a tarantula. Dovi bites his neck like a lion killing a gazelle, and it is settled. What Dovi doesn’t know is that Rocco will eventually be bigger than him one day. His top-dog status is short-lived!

I think that’s it, everyone! Thanks for reading, and thanks for being you. Thank you for all the support, sweet emails, and for allowing me to live a life that feels like a dream right now. I love you.