I know…checking in again? Trust me, friends—soon I’ll have a baby and life will not nearly be so exciting. Well, unless you count diapers and sleepless nights among exciting things. No? Didn’t think so.

On to the exciting things!

Dessert for Two Today Show

First and foremost, my dream came true and I cooked live on the Today Show! With my husband! And nobody fainted! And despite the fact that I didn’t want the world to know that I married way out of my league, or that my belly button has popped out, I pressed on. The thing is, when I met Brian, he was fresh out of the Marines and had a shaved head. That gorgeous head of hair of his up there? I take full responsibility for it. Last year, all I wanted for Christmas was for him to grow out his hair. One year later, folks, and we’re all enjoying those gorgeous locks. You’re welcome.

Christina Lane Today Show

Brian said this would be his last TV appearance. We rehearsed the day before with him on my left, and then Matt Lauer insisted on switching 30 seconds before we went live. The last-second change threw him for a loop and made live TV not so enjoyable for him. I think he did great, though! Personally, I get high off live TV and I love all the excitement! You will be seeing more of me (not-so-subtle hint). Thank you so much for tuning in! I apologize for not keeping everyone updated with the exact air time, but I’ve been trying to put my phone down and enjoy real life a bit more lately. I had to choose between staring at my iPhone screen in the Today Show green room, or staring at the door from which Ricky Martin would emerge. After Ricky came out (yes, he’s even better looking in real life), Uma Thurman walked into the green room, and I just about fainted. In fact, she looked up from munching on her celery stick (yes, really), and smiled at me. Did I act normal and smile back? No way! I rushed back into hair and make-up, and whispered to my husband ‘Uma just smiled at me!’ Brian got caught in a doorway with her, face-to-face, and he still won’t stop talking about how gorgeous she is. I swear, every time he brings up her beauty and poise, I gain another pound. Anyway, if you missed the airing, here’s a link to the clip.

Second, thanks for chatting with me and Martha Stewart Weddings on twitter last week! I had a great time at their offices, and couldn’t wipe the silly grin from my face the whole time. The inside of Martha’s offices are stunning: floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Hudson River, and clean, white spaces as far as the eye can see. It’s an aesthetic’s dream:

Christina Lane Martha Stewart

I’m so grateful they caught me signing my first book ever:

Christina Lane at Martha Stewart

I’m offering more apologies for the low stock issues in book stores. Amazon is always your best bet in situations like this. The second printing is arriving at the warehouse soon, and I could not be happier! Dessert for Two is officially a best-seller, and for that, I have only YOU to thank. Well, and my Dad, who’s probably ordered several thousand copies on his own. But mostly, I have you guys to thank. Thank you for letting me write this little book of my dreams. Thanks for cooking from it, and showing me what you made! It makes my heart sing. It also makes me cry, too. I popped over to Amazon and QVC to read book reviews (something not normally recommended for authors), and the reviews are so kind, the tears just rolled down my face. You guys sure know how to make a pregnant lady feel all the emotions. Good thing I also eat my emotions.

Next, a few of you (like, 3) are asking about book signings. I’m lining up some local signings in St Louis, but at the moment, I’m not up for much more travel. I’m technically allowed to fly up to 36 weeks (I’m 29 weeks right now), but every time the airplane descends for a landing, Camille climbs up into my rib cage. It’s not painful, but I like breathing…so I’m trying to limit it. I will keep you updated on St Louis signings. I’m 99% sure the only people who will show up are my friends that I will bribe with desserts and beer, but it’s the thought that counts. If you’re a local St Louisan, be looking for me on KSDK-Show me St Louis and other local news channels. Also be looking for me at the grocery store because I go just about every day for canned tomatoes.

magnolia bakery cupcakes

My new art exhibit: a study in belly buttons, as compared to the baked goods that helped them get that way.

This is the part where I give you some sort of personal update about my life, like, maybe my pregnancy? The truth is, I’m having the most boring pregnancy. I have zero cravings, zero aversions, tons of energy, and no sickness. My only symptom of pregnancy is a growing belly and a freaky belly button. I wish I had something exciting to report, like a random craving at 3am that causes Brian to drive to the store during a blizzard to fulfill, but it’s just not true. If I had to dig deep, I’d say I’ve been leaning towards red foods? I’ve been through a 5-pound bag of frozen cherries, and I make Jessica’s tomato soup at least once a week. I’m also single-handedly responsible for the blood orange shortage, and have an entire shelf in the freezer devoted to frozen strawberries. Oh, and dried strawberries—both freeze-dried (they taste like sour candy!) and soft, chewy dried strawberries. I should also confess to buying sad, out-of-season fresh strawberries. Remember these strawberry brownies? I ate them all.

One fun personal update is the girls at Season with Sass recorded a podcast with me a few weeks ago, and I think you’ll enjoy it. If you’re a blogger, I talk about the importance of showing up everyday and working hard to achieve your goals. If you’re a non-blogger, well, listen and maybe try to figure out what happened to my Texan accent? I hope you enjoy it!

Dessert for two dogs

I don’t have anything new to report on the dogs, except that I’m going to hold a giveaway for the black puppy next week! Follow me on Facebook for an extra chance to win!

KIDDING. He’s actually a great puppy. I’m just growing tired of having two dogs under foot all day. And because I’m a Texan and my husband is a Californian, we are less than thrilled with this cold, icy Midwest winter. Taking them outside to find the perfect place to do their business six times a day is less than fun.

Thanks for reading, friends! I have lots of Dinners for Two coming your way in the next 6 weeks, but first: cookies on Monday ;)

Love and cupcakes,