Hi, friends!
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You don’t normally hear from me on the weekend, but I thought I would check in and talk a bit of shop with ya.

First: thank you SO much for your kind words about my video.  I had so much fun making it!  It left me full of energy and wanting to do more!  I’m hoping to share more video content in the future, because I’ve learned that being in front of the camera really fires me up.  It’s a classic example of not knowing you love something until you try it!  I feel like the secret is out of the bag:  I’m a total goofball and I talk to my mini desserts in the kitchen.  I also make the sign of the Cross over everything I put in my oven in a desperate attempt to make the recipe succeed.  Now you know.  I’m so glad we’re friends!

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Second: thanks for the kind words about my upcoming cookbook.  Again, I apologize for the 1-year wait, but I promise when it’s in your hands, you’re going to love it!  This past week, I perfected a recipe for a mini one-layer chocolate cake that has the lightness and soft quality of a cake mix.  To date, it’s the recipe of which I am the most proud.  Well, I also love a new brownie recipe I dreamt up the previous week.  It’s so good that after a long day of baking yesterday, I went to yoga, but all I could think about was coming home and baking up another batch of brownies!  And honestly, I’m not even a chocolate person (lemon desserts all the way!), but but but these brownies, mercy me, I had to get them out of my sight.  I immediately dropped the remaining 4 batches off at a friend’s house.

Another fun cookbook fact:  I’ve used 12 pounds of butter, 5 pounds of powdered sugar, and 16 pounds of flour for testing the first 25 recipes in my book.  Yay! #fatpants

Dessert for Two | @dessertfortwo

^^^You are checking out the biscuit of my dreams up there! Isn’t she beautiful?^^^

Third:  I’m working with ZipList so that you can easily save your recipes into your ziplist box.  This way, it’s all in one place when you’re at the grocery store.  I can’t be the only one frantically flipping through my pin boards at the grocery store, searching for ingredient lists!  With Ziplist, you can click in 2 different places to save any of my recipes you want to bake.

You can access your personal Ziplist at anytime by clicking on ‘RECIPE BOX’ in my menu bar:

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You can also save any of my recipes directly to your Ziplist so you can refer to it later while grocery shopping.  Just click ‘save’ inside my recipe:

zip2 copy

Fourth:  I’m not sure if you noticed this little graphic in my sidebar, but I wanted to point it out.  I’m sharing my resources for blogging.  The blog world is a big, scary one, and I aim to be 100% transparent about blogging.  I get many emails each week asking about blogging, so I’m going to share my best tips on this page.  If you see a product listed on this page, it is one I really use and really love.  So, be sure to check out the page for frequent updates!

Go on, click it below! :)

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I think that’s it, friends!  Have a stellar weekend—don’t waste the day, be productive! :)

Happy baking and MUCH love,