Love sucks.

Love hurts.

Love wounds and marks.

Maybe I’m being inventive with the song lyrics there, but I stand by them. I should mention I used to think the lyrics to Low Rider said ‘oh-my-god.’ Remember that, brother? You had to pull over because you were laughing so hard.

Anyway, I’m a happily married gal these days (who married WAY out of her league somehow), but it took me a good while to find him. So, there’s been many Netflix and No Chill nights for me in my day. I would put on my holey yoga pants, the fuzziest socks (there was a lack of distinction between the socks and my unshaven legs), pull up something fantastic on my DVR, and eat microwave chocolate mug cakes. I highly recommend.

Easy-Chocolate Mug Cakes | @dessertfortwo

I also highly recommend making a mini chocolate sour cream cake in a 6″ cake pan, making a raspberry dust heart, and then stabbing a knife into it with gusto.

I call it Heart Break Cake. You call it Stab Me In The Back Cake. We all eat it together!

Small chocolate cake for the broken hearted.

There’s something so satisfying about eating a broken heart on a pretty plate.

Mini Chocolate Sour Cream Cake Recipe

Speaking of your heart, it might be a little cold this time of year. Cold and black, actually. It’s okay, especially when your cold little black heart is actually spicy, chewy homemade licorice!


Licorice haters take note: you just may like homemade black licorice. Try it!

Cold black heart candy

If you’d rather express your cold black heart with cookies, these Heart Cookies rolled in Ritz cracker crumbs are salty, sweet, and soul-soothing.

Chocolate cookies with ritz cracker crumbs!

If you’re gathering your girls together and having a Galentine’s Night (can I come?), I think you should whip up a small batch of French macarons. With a level of black food coloring that equals the level of bitterness in your heart.

Spooky Black Macarons for Halloween

If you’re not going to get anything in a Tiffany’s box, you may as well put some delicious little cookies in it, and eat ’em.

Macarons, small batch

And finally, you’re going to need some Lazy Girl Sangria. You make it right in the glass–smash the fruit, stir in the booze, and drink up. Lazy girl is your new best friend.

Lazy Girl Sangria |

I think I have you covered for the best Galentine’s Day celebration ever! Just click on the links to find the recipes, and call me on February 15th after you survived yet another Single’s Awareness Day. Buy yourself somethin’ nice to help you deal. Maybe your entire Wish List on Amazon, non?

Love and best wishes that the girl that gets proposed to at the restaurant chokes at dinner,
Christina <3