Nutella Raspberry Martini for two!

Nutella Chocolate Martini with Raspberry Chambord  I’m here to wish you a Happy almost-Friday!

Now can we drink, please? Can we drink rich cream, Nutella, and booze garnished with crushed raspberries? Oh yes, yes we can.

I’m not quite sure why this week is requiring a drink so badly, but maybe it’s the cold weather? Or, maybe it’s because I’m starting my days with hot chocolate, and so I need to end my days with chocolate, too.

This Nutella raspberry martini represent everything I want in a chocolate martini–it’s rich and thick (thanks to heavy cream–you can use half and half if that makes you happy), it’s chocolatey, it’s nutty, and it has a pop of fruity raspberry.

Has Nutella ever met raspberry before? They are scrumptious together, but even better with boozy raspberry, also known as Chambord. I bought a wee little bottle of Chambord for my Raspberry White Hot Cocoa, and have been spilling it into other cocktails all winter long.

Note that I did not say I’ve been spilling drinks all winter long. Nope, not me. I’m a lady.

Chocolate Martini with Raspberry and Nutella

Speaking of making a mess of yourself, I was kinda thinking you and your honey could sip on this Nutella Raspberry Martini as a precursor to whatever date night plans you have.

As for us, our anniversary is one week after Valentine’s Day, so I’ve got to keep the love train moving along!

If you’re going out for date night, shake up a Nutella Raspberry Martini at home to get your night started on a sweet note. (Take uber to the restaurant-don’t drive drunk!)

If you’re staying in, try ending your night with these, especially if you love someone who says they’re really not into desserts. This is the perfect dessert for someone who says they don’t like dessert. Don’t tell them it’s full of Nutella–just tell them it’s got lots of booze. That’s all they really need to know.

And if you’re dating someone who doesn’t like dessert, please, let’s chat more. I’m going to talk you out of marrying them. It’s a charity I run called ‘friends don’t let friends marry dessert haters.’



  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream (or half and half)
  • 1/4 cup Nutella
  • 1 shot vodka
  • 1 shot Chambord
  • ice to fill shaker
  • freeze dried raspberries, crushed (for garnish)